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  1. hukim0531

    Canon 6D Official

    Sorry if this has been posted already, but DigitalRev compares 6D to D600. Other than the number of cross-type AF points and FPS, I think 6D trumps D600 especially in low light conditions. DigitalRev site is such a Nikon fanboy. I can't believe Kai's conclusion at the end.
  2. hukim0531

    Canon 6D Official

    Thank you for link to sample image gallery. I'm really interested in high ISO images but all high ISO shots are "coming soon".
  3. hukim0531

    Canon 6D Official

    Looks like dpreview made their correction. 1/8000 shutter speed was originally in the 1st paragraph of the preview now it's gone. Only if they made all 11 sensors cross type, it would have been a good contender against D600. Here's to hoping that they really pumped up high ISO capability to...
  4. hukim0531

    Canon 6D Official

    Just read 6D preview on dpreview and I see your point is right about AF sensor being single cross type in the middle. That is truly a bummer. Why would anyone buy 6D over a used 5D2? I could careless about GPS and wifi. The only thing that would make any difference now is it's high ISO...
  5. hukim0531

    Canon 6D Official

    If 6D is given the same AF system as 7D, most people will prefer to buy 6D instead of 5D3 for $1400 less. I'm pretty certain 6D will have less profit margin over 5D3 to begin with. They will not want 6D eating into 5D3's market. The way I see it, in equivalent terms to crop factor, 6D is like...
  6. hukim0531

    Canon 6D Specs Leaked - Nikon D600 vs Canon 6D

    If you want as much DoF control possible in bright sunny day w/out ND filter you'd really appreciate the availability of max shutter speed of 1/8000.
  7. hukim0531

    Canon 6D Specs Leaked - Nikon D600 vs Canon 6D

    Did I read it right? 11 AF with a Single cross type? I hope there's more than one cross-type sensor...
  8. hukim0531

    No Ones Talking About the Canon 6D yet???

    I love your piano analogy but not sure if crop should be viewed solely as limitations although I agree with you that even using same exact lens, pictures from FF have that magical quality that crop cameras just cannot. Looks like 5D2 will be able to accommodate you nicely given your shooting...
  9. hukim0531

    Just got my 5D Mark II - Amazing!

    Did you use 50 f1.4? That bokeh is to die for and colors are amazing! Congrats
  10. hukim0531

    No Ones Talking About the Canon 6D yet???

    Nikon is supposedly working on releasing an affordable FF dslr in the near future, so Canon making a similar move to counter Nikon is very plausible. Heck if anything this should help drive 5D2 prices even lower so that I might actually be able to finally afford a FF upgrade. I will have to...
  11. hukim0531

    T3i jpeg presets

    Shoot RAW, edit later Digital Photography RAW vs JPEG Part 1 - YouTube
  12. hukim0531


    Congrats! 50 1.4 is the lens I want to get when I move to FF, which could mean 10 years...
  13. hukim0531

    Canon EOS 600D

    My T2i (550D) takes beautiful shots with less than stellar lens collection I have. I'm sure 600D will be equally capable. Canon EOS Rebel T3i Digital Camera Printer Kit B&H Photo Video
  14. hukim0531

    Help regarding the focusing issue T2i.

    Googling your problem I found that you may have loose mirror problem: EOS Rebel T2i / 550D Magic Lantern Firmware Original thread where above link was suggested as solution
  15. hukim0531

    T2i vs T3i?

    Canon EOS Rebel T3i Digital Camera Printer Kit B&H Photo Video Best T3i deal out there
  16. hukim0531

    If you could only choose 3 lenses.... Canon ef mount

    35/1.4, 24-70/2.8, 135/2 plus 1.4x teleconverter
  17. hukim0531

    Looking for a new body. Recommendations?

    LOL, this reminds me of my wife's new body thread. OP, have you considered 5DC? I don't have first hand experience of FF magic but there are lots of discussions about it...
  18. hukim0531

    Opinion about beginner level DSLR camers

    If you have the money to buy higher level one now, why not?
  19. hukim0531

    Opinion about beginner level DSLR camers

    T2i will be great for beginner hobbyist. But many argue that you should just invest in 60D or 7D if you think you will end up upgrading your gear down the road anyway.
  20. hukim0531

    Canon 5D Mark II price shoots up

    is 5DII production discontinued? If so that makes sense. Amazon often list "new" discontinued items at higher price than even the newer item that replaces the old one.