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  1. krystalynnephoto

    Canon 50mm 1.4

    Like new; used 3 times before I purchased my Sigma 35 and now I never use it, so I'm clearing it out. Warranty card and original box and packaging included. $300 + shipped USPS Priority/insured. Thanks. PS - I don't check this site often, so please email me: for a...
  2. krystalynnephoto

    MB-D14 Nikon Battery Grip for D600

    MB-D14 $200 + shipped - This is the last item of my Nikon gear. It's only a couple of months old and in mint condition. All accessories and box included, warranty card never filled out. Sorry for the quick, awfully composed pictures, lol - they were taken in a hurry. If I don't sell this...
  3. krystalynnephoto

    Anyone wanna buy a whole lot of Nikon stuff? Or trade?

    I have all of this: Nikon D600 (6,000+ actuations - bc I'm still shooting with it, this number may change.) Nikon D7000 (Right over 1,400 actuations.) 35mm f/2 50mm 1.8G 85mm 1.8G SB-910 Nikon MB-D14 Grip and I'm seriously considering moving to the Canon side of the fence. Please, serious...
  4. krystalynnephoto

    Any interest on a Nikon D600?

    $1500 shipped. It's in MINT condition and prob under 1,000 clicks, or right around it. It's only a few months old, but I'm considering a different camera. No problems, no oil issues, fantastic image quality. Most everything I've posted here, was with it, except for a few that may have been...
  5. krystalynnephoto

    Nikon 50mm 1.8G

    Used like 5 times, perfect condition, no scratches. $200 + shipped w/ insurance. Thanks.
  6. krystalynnephoto

    Checking interest on a Nikon D7000.

    I have a Nikon D7000 with about 1400 clicks on it. It's like new; Body only.
  7. krystalynnephoto

    I finally got to work with my D600! (A Couple in Love)

    Dani is a classic and vintage style, loving, sweet sweet soul! I was so excited to do these for her and her husband and I also was ELATED to use my new camera!! lol Enjoy. DSC_0543 by nobkeusu98, on Flickr DSC_0502 by nobkeusu98, on Flickr DSC_0537 by nobkeusu98, on Flickr DSC_0495 by...
  8. krystalynnephoto

    Finally, I went FX!!!!

    A D600 became mine, all mine, today!! :lovey: I'm SO excited to shoot with this sucker!
  9. krystalynnephoto

    Park Play!

    I got my battery grip in today and so I was shoot happy! I decided to harass my children at the park! It's a good thing they don't mind. :P DSC_3463-2 by nobkeusu98, on Flickr DSC_3456-2 by nobkeusu98, on Flickr DSC_3452-2 by nobkeusu98, on Flickr DSC_3440-2 by nobkeusu98, on Flickr:heart:
  10. krystalynnephoto

    Website Trouble

    I need website company suggestions. I signed up with without any research, bc I used them 2 years ago and things were fantastic. Welp, not this time. My images look flat and blurry and just awful. I am so upset, but there is nothing I can do, except move on.... so here, please...
  11. krystalynnephoto

    My first newborn session.

    This little beauty is 10 days old and SO alert! It was an in-home casual type of session, just showing the little one in her own space with mom and dad, and capturing some special moments for them, and some of her little details... and man, I fell in love. DSC_3268-2 by nobkeusu98, on Flickr...
  12. krystalynnephoto

    Haven't shared in a while, so here's some of my latest!

    This was a mini session for a couple's 4th anniversary! :) And mannn.. what a gorgeous couple!! Send me some good vibes, too, because tomorrow I'll be the model, not the photographer!!! Ahhhh... :confused: Freakin' out maaaannn... DSC_2691 copy by nobkeusu98, on Flickr DSC_2659 by...
  13. krystalynnephoto

    When people say a pregnant woman is, "glowing," I imagine something like this!

    She was just adorable! Her and her husband were hilarious and so down to earth. I love working with people like this! And although some shots may be a bit cheesy, they were exactly what the client wanted, so they're exactly what the client got! ;)
  14. krystalynnephoto

    Opinions on SmugMug Pro?

    Before I start my subscription with them, I'd like to hear real life opinions. Also, if you don't use Smug Mug Pro, who do you use? Do you like them? Etc.. I am using ShootProof right now and frankly, I DO like them, buuuutttttt they aren't integrated with my lab (WHCC) and I really want a...
  15. krystalynnephoto

    Getting my business tax ready and possible LLC?

    Ok, I have been researching and trying to make sure that my business will be legal and I won't get myself into tax trouble. I am considering an LLC and have been reading all over the North Carolina DOR website... It's starting to just merge together and get blurry. There is so much...
  16. krystalynnephoto

    I am loving this 50mm! Beautiful flowers, from yesterday:

    Without Watermark, bc I know you all can't stand it lol DSC_1714 by nobkeusu98, on Flickr You were all so right, I LOVE this lens!
  17. krystalynnephoto

    Nikon SB-910 Speedlight

    I won't tell you how excited I am, bc you all already know my husband surprised me with a 50mm lens yesterday, but I just walked in from the grocery store to find a shiny, new SB-910 sitting on my computer desk. This man.... I tell you; I'm literally without words. Anywho, because of this...
  18. krystalynnephoto

    Wooohooo! I got my "nifty-fifty!!"

    Happy dancin' all the way home today, after my husband surprised me with a 50mm! I got the 1.8 D and am super happy with it. Eventually I'd like to upgrade to the 1.4, but as it stands right now, my lens collection is filling out nicely! Wooohoohooo! :mrgreen::mrgreen::mrgreen: Happy Tuesday...
  19. krystalynnephoto

    Some of my most recent images. :)

    Just wanted to share, critique and advice is always welcome. :) We've already covered the fact that most of you do NOT like my logo, lol So ignore that part. :lmao: I hope every one had a great weekend! 1. Sassy little lady: DSC_1562 by nobkeusu98, on Flickr 2. Freezing some of the finer...
  20. krystalynnephoto

    Botanical Gardens

    My MIL is here, in Okinawa, visiting for a few weeks, so we ventured over to the Botanical Gardens and I fell in love with the flowers.. I never thought I cared about flowers, lol but now I guess I am a changed woman!