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  1. RockstarPhotography

    My new airport roller for under 20 bucks

    I've been needing a nice airport roller for awhile. I can't afford the 300+ price tag for the think tanks. Had a roller backpack sitting in the closet. spend 6 bucks on fabric and 10 bucks on foam. I had stitched the entire thing since I don't know how to run the sewing maching (g/f tried to...
  2. RockstarPhotography

    self portrait

    self portrait. I'm no
  3. RockstarPhotography

    service manuals

    Found a great link you can buy and download nikon service manuals. Just got one for the 80-200 push pull I should be seeing in the mail soon that needs a good cleaning. Download Nikon service manuals, repair manuals
  4. RockstarPhotography

    My next lens

    Hello all, I'm looking for some advice on my next lens purchase. First, a rundown of what I have. d200 body 50mm 1.8 18-55 3.5-5.6 28-80 3.3-5.6 70-210 4-5.6 D What I'm looking for: I shoot mostly portraits (90%) both in studio and on location with the rest being low light situations I do...
  5. RockstarPhotography

    The walking dead

    Just playing around trying different things while watching the walking dead marathon.
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    A buddy of mine and his "gym"
  7. RockstarPhotography

    the lonely photographer

  8. RockstarPhotography

    First composite.

    I've decided I want to start taking my photography and photoshop to the next level and start working on composites. Here is my first go around at a full composite. let me know what ya think.
  9. RockstarPhotography

    Broncos game

    I took this shot on my couch while we were watching the Broncos game. c&c welcome.
  10. RockstarPhotography

    Just for fun

    This is my fiancee Amanda. Just went to shoot for fun today. I've been busy with my family for the last 3 years and haven't been on the forum. Enjoy! c&c if you want.
  11. RockstarPhotography

    Two quick shots from today

    Went out to shoot a few pics at a walk path today. Unfortunately, I forgot to grab the battery that was on the charger. I was just starting to get loose when I ran out of battery. I think I will return to this location though, had some good graffiti with nice lighting.
  12. RockstarPhotography

    I'm back

    Haven't been on this forum for quite some time. Basically, all my gear got stolen and I couldn't afford to replace it so I got out of the photography business and went back to my other trade in welding/fabrication. Well, cruising around craigslist I found a decent deal on a d200 with 4 lenses...
  13. RockstarPhotography

    one from a recent boudoir shoot.

    Here's one from a recent boudoir shoot I did. [/url] _DSC0050-Edit-Edit by rockstarrphotography, on Flickr[/IMG]
  14. RockstarPhotography

    Has digital created better photographers (old skool)

    I grew up with film. Both my father and grandfather were photographers. I held onto film as long as I could but eventually made the jump into digital with an entry level dslr (d3000). Now, all my older glass worked on the d3000, although it didn't auto focus, and my primes didn't even meter...
  15. RockstarPhotography

    gimp vs aperture?

    I'm giving my dad, who used to be a photographer but pretty much put the camera's away when digital came, my old d3000. I know he's not going to want to spend much money on editing software so my question lies in how good is gimp for basic camera raw editing? I may be able to persuade him to...
  16. RockstarPhotography

    retouching charge?

    I just got a call from an email from someone wanting me to retouch some photos. They said they have a photographer but he's not very skilled in photoshop and want to send the photos to me (with the photographers approval) for retouching. What would be a good base to ask for? I've never really...
  17. RockstarPhotography

    Did I make the right choice?

    I was shooting with a d300s and a d3000 as a backup. Well, awhile ago, my d300s took a flying leap from a balcony and I've been stuck shooting this d3000. My 2 options for a replacement was either 1 d700 and continue to use my d3000 as a backup. or get 2 d7000's so I would have a worthy...
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    Realized I haven't taken many pics of my son lately. So stuck a strobe pointing up at the corner of the room, slapped on my 50mm and went to town. I'm using an old school MF 1.4 50mm and trying to keep focus on a fast moving kid is pretty hard! unfortunately, I did miss the focus slightly...
  19. RockstarPhotography

    replacing a background in cs5

    I've never really had the need to replace a background before. But, I'm trying out some new stuff. I've tried to make my selections 2 ways. using the quick selection tool and the refine edge. and using the channels path, applying the image, and using levels. Either way I try it, i'm getting...
  20. RockstarPhotography

    Who's right???

    Found this on a blog site. Brings up some interesting questions. Who do YOU think is right?