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    Light settings

    Hello I am having trouble recording in dark settings... Besides adding external lights, is there a feature or anything I can do with my camera to reduce the "noise" that is recorded in the footage?
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    Is anyone located in the Baton Rouge, Hammond, New Orleans area???
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    Wedding Photos & Video

    Hello What lens would you all suggest would be a great lens to record and take pics for a wedding & reception? I currently use a 50mm. Which zoom lens would you all suggest that would help with getting footage from a distance without being in the way of the ceremony?
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    Camera Upgrade?!!!

    Hello I would like to get some suggestions for a camera upgrade. I currently shoot with a Canon T3i. My interests as are event photography- Parties, Weddings, Social event, etc. As well as doing videography at these events. I have also done personal photo shoots. Which camera would you suggest...
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    New to Photography

    Hello!!! I am fairly new to Photography/Videography looking to learn some techniques and what equipment to purchase. I am shooting with a Canon t3i, I now have a 50mm, the kit lens 18-55mm, and 75-300mm. I am interested in knowing which lens should I purchase to be able to shoot good night club...