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    To be the very best!

    Hello everybody! Let me introduced myself a little bit, my name is Daniel and I am 16 years old. I have doing photography little over a year now and I have gain a lot of skill. That said only camera skill, I have recently fighting over myself how to become better. I mostly learn photography...
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    Teenager Photographer (Advice please)

    I think composition rule is important, but not to the point where you have to follow it strictly. Most of my shot I didn't even think about the composition at all. It just there, except for portrait. I do still need to work on composition and as well image editing software like photoshop to make...
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    Teenager Photographer (Advice please)

    Wow.... You make me wanted to go out shoot even more now. Hic Hic, Thank you so much. I will take better pictures, that is a guaranteed. :) The truth is, I start out Photography less than a year ago. I started in March of 2015. Picked up a 700D (I should have go with Nikon). Then I take a...
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    Teenager Photographer (Advice please)

    Hi everyone, my name is Vontoux and I'm 15 years old. I just start out in photography about a year ago and wanted to see if my skill level increase or not. I did my best to improve my shot as well, like watching tips, viewing pictures online, read photography magazine and lastly go out and take...