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  1. LamDai

    From the plane

    These are my new photos of Saigon skyline . Plz comment .
  2. LamDai

    Leave me a COMMENT plz !

    I took this photo on World hour . Saigon city.
  3. LamDai

    My first Panorama photo !!!!

    So this is the first time I've taken the full panoramas of a city . Plz judge ! Saigon City : Some other pics of Saigon that I've taken recently :
  4. LamDai

    Angel VS Wizard

    This is really just for fun . Check out what we can do with Photoshop .
  5. LamDai

    One of the tallest tower in SEAsia

    Bitexco Financial Tower in Saigon is under-construction . Its official height is 289.2 meters = 948.8 feet ( taller than Eiffel Tower's top floor ) Saigon was named as a "Paris of the Orient" so this Tower is built to be Eiffel Tower of the East . Currently , Bitexco Tower has reached the 52nd...
  6. LamDai

    Saigon Financial Center

  7. LamDai

    NUCLEAR BOMB Attack !

    I made this by photoshop CS3
  8. LamDai

    Saigon city skyline

  9. LamDai

    A trailer for my gallery

    I made this trailer for my Saigon Fantasy Gallery . How is it ? Sorry I have to put the tiny url because this forum changes my youtube link into a wrong one !
  10. LamDai

    Amazing Saigon photos by Photoshop

    This is the trailer :***nec View the gallery here : Saigon Fantasy Gallery - SkyscraperCity
  11. LamDai

    City skyline 30 kilometer shot !

    This is Saigon city(Vietnam) skyline from 30 km away ! 60km away : Maximum zoom
  12. LamDai

    Impressive Photoshop

    These are my newest work !
  13. LamDai

    Vietnam : Saigon city's skyline

  14. LamDai

    ANGEL and DEVIL : Photos Story !

    A long time ago , there was an angel named Reginald. He was very powerful but he never used his power to save humans and destroyed the evil . So he was punished by the Gods 'cause of his selfishness...His wings were taken. The fallen angel sat there in the temple of Gods , he felt angry and...
  15. LamDai

    Giant and Tiny

    Giant was in his adventure to the North Fantasy Land . He found a Crystal Ball which contained a little guy named Tiny ...
  16. LamDai

    Being Locked inside a Bloody Scary House

    Edited with Photoshop CS3
  17. LamDai

    Play with Photoshop

    I made the two copy of one person and put them in one picture . How is it ?
  18. LamDai

    My first set , Edited with Photoshop

    I've done this with Photoshop CS3 . I'm not good at editing photos so they are a little something... I don't know for sure . By the way , the model is my friend and should I show him these photos ?
  19. LamDai

    Hi !

    Hi ! I'm an amateur photographer from Asia ! Hope to meet many talented photographers here ! By the way , my name is Reginald Andrew and I always put the label :"Rex The Emperor" in my photos ! I'm 17 years old !