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    darkroom/photography wholesalers?

    I use first-call Photographic, morrisphoto and Mr Cad. Mr. Cad is a huge warehouse type shop in South East London but they deliver everywhere i believe. As for enlargers etc. Nova darkroom is good but quite expensive. I have got my enlargers off of ebay. But if someone else has websites for...
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    Darkroom paper developing problems :(

    If I'm being really honest with you all, I think the store has supplied us with VERY old developer. Within days of opening the bottle, everything is brown, it is leaving brown trails over any surface it touches and the developer tray, when mixed with water, goes bright yellow within hours...
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    Darkroom paper developing problems :(

    Excellent. Thanks guy, this is so helpful. I will try everything you've suggested. I've been using a 3.5 filter in the Durst just while I wait for a pack of filters to arrive. I'm using VC multigrade paper. I fix for bout 5 minutes just for the safe side. Are there any tests I can do to see...
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    Darkroom paper developing problems :(

    Hi everyone Wonder if you can help me. I've recently set up a darkroom for the Photography department in the School I work. Having done a level photography, later doing a degree in photography, I have decided to go back to film photography after some years away. The darkroom is fantastic. We...