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    Liquidating studio equipment!

    I am in the process of moving and need to liquidate some of my studio equipment. I have an awesome "Italian Villa" for sale. Each wall is approximately 7 ft. tall and each wall is TWO SIDED, giving the photographer multiple options. The photos show BOTH sides of each wall. There are three...
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    Life of a Camera/Memory Card

    I own a Nikon D300 and I am wondering if its reached its life! Can anyone tell me what is the average life of a digital camera? And is there a life time for memory cards? I've noticed that my clarity is not as sharp and it seems like my camera is having a hard time focusing when I am in...
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    Senior portraits for yearbook

    Thanks guys. I appreciate the feedback!!
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    Senior portraits for yearbook

    Hello, I'm new to the forum. Can anyone tell me where I can get free templates to use in photoshop for sizing yearbook photos for seniors? I have several schools, all with different sizing requirements. Thank you!