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  1. MolitorPhotography

    D7100 firmware update!

    Last week I updated the firmware on my D7100 and just ran through some images since the update. The info on the update said that it addressed linear noise issues in video taken with the camera. I was hoping that it might also help with linear noise in still images. I'm happy to report that after...
  2. MolitorPhotography

    D7100 Back focus issue

    I am having a terrible time with my d7100. I purchased it back in Feb as a Refurb product from Adorama, and everything seemed fine for a while. I primarily do portraits so It wasnt until my daughter started her sports later in the spring that I discovered an issue with the AF and by that time...
  3. MolitorPhotography

    Attempt at landscape

    I've really been wanting to get better at landscape photography, since my focus is usually on portraiture it is a nice change of pace. I usually find it difficult to frame properly but have been trying to get better. I had a lens on this morning while camping that I usually use only out of...
  4. MolitorPhotography

    APS-C vs. FF vs. lenses

    I find the whole Crop vs. Full argument a bit superficial and somewhat humorous that it is so widely and hotly debated. Is full frame better than APS-C.... yes, but really for 2 reasons only 1) Better dynamic range. There is no argument, you will have greater ability to recover shadow and...
  5. MolitorPhotography

    Having some back focus in AF-C

    Ive only had my D7100 for a couple months now, and for the most part I'm very happy with it. I am having an issue when using AF-C on an approaching subject (a running toddler) I'm getting about 10% or less success rate and im not sure if it's me, the camera or the lens. My 50mm 1.8G is basically...
  6. MolitorPhotography

    vastly different thought process

    I read quite a few articles throughout the week, and two that I read this week were interesting simply based on their juxtaposition of differing photographic mindsets. One written by a quasi professional and one by an admitted amateur. The first compares a nikon D800 with a Phase One IQ250. I...
  7. MolitorPhotography

    Under exposure : Correct exposure

    I found this article interesting this morning. It poses the question, is underexposure the new correct exposure, considering the shadow recovery of the newest high end sensors, particularly Nikon. Creative underexposure with Nikon DSLR camera | Nikon Rumors
  8. MolitorPhotography

    C&C portrait

    Here is a shot I took about 6 weeks ago, I haven't been able to decide if I like it or not. Posing people is not my strong suit and I need to get better, so any tips on that would be great
  9. MolitorPhotography

    Hello from Illinois

    Hello, after some perusing I am glad to say hello as a member. I hope to learn a lot, and offer contributions whenever I can. I am a newly minted photo professional taking my first 4 paid shoots over as many weeks. I am a trained graphic designer looking for more. My equipment is lacking, so I'm...