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  1. mommyof4qteez

    favorite lens?

    What is your go to lens & why?
  2. mommyof4qteez

    PSE10 vs. PSE11

    Has anyone that edits with elements 10 upgraded to 11 & if so, is there anything with 11 that 10 doesn't have? Or any great new features you just love?
  3. mommyof4qteez

    70-200 f4 not performing great

    I upgraded months ago to a 5d mark ii and was super excited to try out my 70-200 f4 on the full frame...was very disappointed... it seems to perform better on a rebel...anyone else ever have this problem?
  4. mommyof4qteez

    shooting raw

    I'm sure there's a discussion about this on here somewhere, but didn't see it... my question is: when shooting raw & completing your edits, what do you always save your images as a jpeg? What do you prefer to save as?
  5. mommyof4qteez

    oh you own a point & shoot!!

    Yes, please do make a fb photog page & watermark your crap!! Sorry, but in my small town I'm beyond annoyed... $hit photographers that watermark crap on fb... really? Like anyone's gonna steal that crap!?
  6. mommyof4qteez

    orton in ps?

    I'm sure there's many ways to achieve a bit of the orton look in ps, I duplicate the layer, add Gaussian blur, set to overlay and set it down to about 5-8%... is there any certain way that just overall works/looks better?
  7. mommyof4qteez

    what mode do you shoot in?

    Just curious what everyone's favorite mode to shoot in is? I prefer manual or about you?
  8. mommyof4qteez

    is it your work?

    Ok..I have a question for all...there's a few photographers I'm aware of that just take the pics and pay others to edit...I just don't understand how this can be considered "their" complete work?? Anyone else do this & if so, please do explain.....
  9. mommyof4qteez

    studio lights...

    Any good studio lights out there that won't completely break the bank?
  10. mommyof4qteez

    imagenomic portraiture

    Anyone have any experience with imagenomic portraiture & what are your thoughts on it?
  11. mommyof4qteez


    I started building my website with, but it's a bit pricier than working on my site through zenfolio...just curious if any of you use this & do you have your clients order through zenfolio or you?
  12. mommyof4qteez

    web resizing

    I am building my own website and was just curious what other photographers resize their images too for best quality on a website?
  13. mommyof4qteez

    editing question?

    I edit with PSE10 and sometimes it seems as though my edited pics are not near as sharp as my SOOC I doing something wrong in edit to ruin the quality of my images?
  14. mommyof4qteez

    digital backdrops/backgrounds

    What is your opinion on digital backgrounds?
  15. mommyof4qteez

    HDR... C&C is welcome :)

    Two landscape photos I did in HDR..was my 1st go at it.....
  16. mommyof4qteez


    Just got my new 5D mark ii with a 24-105 lens & upgrading from a rebel xs, I'm in heaven!! Full frame is the only way to go! And the camera and lens are soooo tack sharp! Can't wait for my shoot tomorrow :)
  17. mommyof4qteez

    what photo paper?

    I order all my prints through whcc and was curious which photo paper everyone else is using? I have always went with lustre paper & coating, but not sure i'm 100% pleased with it...
  18. mommyof4qteez

    backdrops that don't wrinkle...

    I am in need of some new backdrops...preferrably ones that won't wrinkle... Any suggestions? What do you use?
  19. mommyof4qteez

    new camera

    Just ordered the 5D mark ii and it comes with the 24-105 f4 L... What kind of an external flash would anyone recommend that is within an affordable range?