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    Seattle Great Wheel

    What are your thoughts on this? I like the composition and the reflections. It's a bit too motion blurred but I'm not sure why, I was taking it on a cheap tripod but I can't imagine that a cheap tripod shakes enough to cause visible blur? I was also hoping to get this shot with the wheel turning...
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    clouds and a tail fin C&C please

    I feel like you should've exposed more for the tail than the sky. The tail is a bit too dark. Also needs more airplane ;)
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    Difficult composition -- airplanes

    Thanks for the replies guys. This confirms my initial feeling that if you think it's bad, it's probably bad. Splitting it into two images is a good idea except they both end up being very low res and I could just go and get individual shots of the planes (the green one is still there ;)). KMH...
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    Difficult composition -- airplanes

    So I got this picture and I can't tell if it's a good composition or a bad one. Which probably implies the latter. I like the juxtaposition of the big plane under construction as the backdrop to a little Cessna. I like the Boeing insignia in places, and I like that there is some "mess" around...
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    C&C wanted on fireworks photos.

    I don't think the lights add anything to the picture. It's a shame not to have landmarks around to include.
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    Okay haven't been on here for awhile, and I just keep posting on the wrong area..

    For #1 it'd be nice to have the people in focus rather than the bubbles. 2 and 5 are awesome. In 4 there is shadow on his face :-/
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    Sea foam Figaro

    Really nice. Don't like that yellow explosion of light in the top right though. Reflections on the car are great. Not sure what the juxtaposition of the girl and car are supposed to be doing though.
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    Water homes

    fjrabon -- you're right -- agree with you on that. I wish there was a boat or something else there :-/ Jaemie -- yup that's Lake Union, next to gas works park.
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    Like it. Would've liked to see the blue boats featured more prominently in the picture or not at all.
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    Water homes

    So I'm giving up on #1. I don't think it's worth fighting for. Here is #2 -- with WB fixed: I'm wondering what folks think of the composition. Was this even a shot worth taking? Would you have positioned it this way? Jaemie -- I agree with you about the 2 lights (lamp and structure). I can...
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    Water homes

    Fair criticism all :) Here are the pictures inline: (1) (2) I'm looking for criticism on composition, exposure. (What else is there?) What should I have done at the time of shooting to get the White Balance correct? I believe it was set to Auto. Should I have set it for incandescent light...
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    Water homes

    I suppose one bump is in order. My biggest issue is that at night it's hard to judge exposure well. Anything from "can see the colors" to "looks like taken during the day" can be reasonable, but I have no intuition for how long to expose for and what side of the scale to fall on. It seems...
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    As Dark As Ink

    I like the crop as is. I wouldn't want to see more of the arm, I can imagine what it looks like on my own.
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    Watermelon Salad

    Looks great! (Food & pic)
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    Slice of Life

    I like it. The serving thing in the front is distracting, it'd be nice if it wasn't there at all.
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    Water homes

    So I went out and decided to try some night photography. Long exposures, tripod, etc... Here's what I got. What else can I do next time to make these better? Here's the first: And the second: I feel like there's a lot lacking here in terms of...
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    Seattle City Center - C & C

    Thanks for the comments :) Anyone else? Thoughts / feedback?
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    Seattle City Center - C & C

    Hi folks, any thoughts and or comments on these pictures? I really like the first one. (1) (2) (3) Any feedback is appreciated (a simple 'I like/hate it' even)
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    Bug - C&C

    Thanks for the tips! It was great to play with saturation and contrast too. I've also noticed that a lot of my images come out under-exposed. I'll be more careful about that in the future.
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    Photo ideas with a fast[er] lens

    Hey folks, I have a Canon T2i and I got the 50 mm / f1.8 canon lens. Does anyone have any suggestions for shots to try with this lens? Something that will help me get the most out of this lens. What is a good fast lens good for? (Beyond blurring out BGs in portraits etc...)