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    Time Lapse Video of Chinese Feast AND question

    I'm just wondering if anyone knew how to increase the number count from 999 to 9,999 on a Nikon D90? Thanks!
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    Time Lapse Video of Chinese Feast AND question

    This was my second attempt at Time Lapse - I was going to delete all the pictures and not even process the project because I screwed up all the settings and the original pictures were extremely extremely under exposed. But I thought the idea was just too neat to throw away. Definitely any C&C is...
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    Question about shooting skylines

    Thanks for your advice! I'm definitely going to try it out, hopefully it'll come out better
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    Question about shooting skylines

    I used Automatic focus in Program mode
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    Question about shooting skylines

    The settings look like f/4.8 2.5 seconds. It was very very windy that night, even with my very heavy/sturdy tripod, I'm wondering if that played a huge role in it too. It's frustrating because I played with the settings a lot and still, the lights turned out dizzy looking in all of the...
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    Central Park in the Fall... C&C appreciated

    I visited Central Park yesterday with a friend to try and get comfortable with my new DSLR camera and learn how to use it more. I'm really new to photography but I very much want to learn. I'd love any and all constructive comments to help me improve! 1) 2) 3) 4) 5) and...
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    Question about shooting skylines

    So, I'm having issues shooting the NYC skyline. I recently moved across the Hudson, and have a perfect view of the length of Manhattan. Issue is, I'm new to my DSLR and there's a little bit of light flooding behind me. I'm also not sure why the lights of the city almost make me dizzy to look at...
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    Model shoot with Karah

    I was thinking that exactly. Nice photos though!
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    My little Cupid and a couple of dd as well

    aw I love number one. I literally "awwed" when I opened it... the kids are adorable. I especially love how the angle has a little scowl on his face :)
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    looking for some c&c

    Any picture of Florence is a great picture in my book. I spent way too much time when I lived there hanging out on the Duomo steps and at the Ponte Vecchio. I like the first one the best, but they all bring back some good memories. Great captures :)
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    Death Valley photos...but also, a little help please...

    I can't give you much C&C because Im pretty new to photography, but just as a viewer I love the colors in the first picture. It stuck out to me right away. :)
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    My concert pictures

    Great pics! Lucky you for being that close to get some of those shots. They look real great.
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    Old Pics, Unedited from Philly

    Yea, I agree... I guess I didn't really notice that when I was taking it. Maybe next time I head down to Philly I'll retake it from the other side, or at a more extreme angle. I was thinking about that when I posted... maybe trying to get it right during sunset/before the lights go on... or...
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    Old Pics, Unedited from Philly

    I took these pictures a while ago in Philadelphia. It's of one of my favorite statues called "Freedom" by Zenos Frudakis near China Town... They are unedited but I wanted to know what you all thought, about editing, cropping etc or if they should just be reshot in general. I know the white...
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    Learning new poses

    The pictures are so adorable! I love the last one in the first set. Reminds me of the kids I babysit when they get cranky (yet are still so cute doing so!).
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    Aruba HDR

    I'm a noob so I can't really offer and C&C, but I love it. I go to Aruba almost every summer and I know exactly where this is! Love it, brings back some fun memories. So vibrant. :)
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    Hi there from Massachusetts =)

    Ohh, right around my area! Welcome!!
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    Post your Christmas (bokeh) lights pics!

    Christmas decorations were coming down today, but thought I'd try bokeh for the first time... here's my take.
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    Around New Mexico...

    I agree. I love the photos, especially number 4... The colors are so beautiful. I also like the one with the wild horses. Great photos!
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    Hi from Italy

    Welcome, I'm new too... I spent a semester in Firenze last fall and I loved Italy. Got to travel around quite a lot (down to the Amalfi Coast and up towards Milano and Venezia) - wish I had more then a P&S when I was there... there are some beautiful sights. Can't wait to see some of your shots!