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    Canon 1D kit

    No one??? Guess I was mistaken for the popularity of this camera when I bought it....these things used to sell like hotcakes
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    Canon 1D kit

    Here is a gallery of pictures of the camera and lens. They were taken with an iphone so they are pretty crappy. ImageShack Album - 9 images
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    Canon 1D kit

    bump for a new price $375 + shipping
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    Canon 1D kit

    bump for a new price NEW PRICE IS $400 + shipping. Prefer to ship in U.S. but will consider Canada but you still pay the shipping costs.
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    Just a goose!

    Quick shot I did earlier this afternoon.
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    looking for quality tripod

    You should check out the Dolica tripod that sells for about $35-40 on Amazon...I have one and it's really sturdy for the price...even has a ballhead on it.
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    Train Shots C&C please?

    crop out the sky as much as possible...its distracting and adds nothing to the photos being blown out the way it is
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    Pentax K-x kit $455 shipped

    I'm selling off my Pentax gear since I couldn't get what I wanted for my Canon here is everything you get -Pentax K-x Body (White) with less than 2000 actuations (probably closer to 1500) -White 18-15mm kit lens -8GB and 2GB PNY SD cards (not the fastest but they work fine in the...
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    WTB: CANON EOS WA and/or fast prime (10-20, 12-24, 50/1.8??)

    No one on this forum sells anything? All Nikon users?
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    WTB: CANON EOS WA and/or fast prime (10-20, 12-24, 50/1.8??)

    I'm selling away my Pentax gear because no one wanted to pay what I needed for a 1D now I need a few lenses to complete that setup but I don't have a crapload to spend. I'd say I can spend roughly $400-450 on both lenses which is why I've stuck with the 50/1.8 because I know it's...
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    Canon 1D kit Marketplace Listing Item for Sale Canon 1D kit - Everything you need Asking Price 400 + shipping Item Location Missouri, USA Item Description Will take paypal personal payment or postal money order for payment. Camera will ship once payment clears paypals system. This...
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    A Load of Bokeh

    Did someone say bokeh?
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    Feeler: Canon 1D with Sigma zoom & misc

    anyone interested?
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    Feeler: Canon 1D with Sigma zoom & misc

    Just 1D...the boss of them all. :)
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    Feeler: Canon 1D with Sigma zoom & misc

    I have a Canon 1D that I purchased last week that I was wanting to see what I could get out of it. The body has some paint wear but otherwise works perfectly. The body is missing the cap. Serial # 002201 Approx. 90,000 acuations The lens is a Sigma 70-300 f4-5.6 DG Macro Missing both...
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    What is this lens worth?

    It's a Sigma 70-300 f4-5.6 MACRO - EF mount Has a collapsible rubber hood that screws into the filter threads, missing front and rear cap. Just curious what I may be able to get out of it if I tried to sell it with a 1D I purchased a few days ago
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    The Fam

    Thanks. I can definitely make it brighter and do a vertical crop to compare. This is the full frame just resized.
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    The Fam

    This family of geese has been at this lake for months...they will probably be around for a while longer.
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    Just purchased a 1D

    So...I bought a tank. This is the 2nd that I have owned since I got into photography years ago. This one is a bit more rough than my other but still works like a charm. It came with a dual charger and a Sigma 70-300 f4-5.6 I snatched this up for $475...though I think I could have offered...
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    Union Covered Bridge