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  1. MVPernula

    A "new" Rolleiflex!

    This is the one!
  2. MVPernula

    A "new" Rolleiflex!

    My, that's lovely! After having shot a roll of film with the Rollei today I can tell you that the stubbornness on the shutter dial completely let up, it's buttery smooth now. Will pick up the negatives from my local photo developing company tomorrow! Hopefully it worked as well as it felt. I...
  3. MVPernula

    A "new" Rolleiflex!

    This was great to hear! Because after cocking the shutter it was stiffer than before, so there's that. I'll see if just using it will loosen it up as well. Just sitting in a cabinet for 30+ years wont do it any good!
  4. MVPernula

    A "new" Rolleiflex!

    Heya gang! Today I got a rolleiflex on the mail, first taste of medium format. Exciting! It looks to be in good shape, bought it from an old man who apparently spontaneously bought it from a garage sale over 30 years ago. Shutter works, but it's a but unreliable on slower shutter speeds...
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    The eternal question of pricing

    Hello! Between March-April I'll have my first ever paid shoot, it'll be an event or bal more specifically. Excited! They want me shooting actively between 16-22 (4PM - 10PM), so about a 6 hour shoot. During this time they expect me to my thing when they mingle, take group shots and some...
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    Processing vs Photography Skill

    If a musician plays a piece composed by someone else, they're still playing the composition. The person in question is a musician. If an actor plays a part from a script written by another are they are still acting. My point is that they're doing it. They are acting, and they are playing the...
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    Processing vs Photography Skill

    Now this is a good one! This even had me looking up the definition of photography out of curiosity. Depending on where you look you get more or less specific explanations on what 'photography' is. You get simple definitions such as: -"The science which relates to the action of light on...
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    Processing vs Photography Skill

    THIS! Everyone has their own opinion of what's "allowed" or what even counts as photography. Does it stop counting as photography after a certain amount of post proccesing? At which point is the photograph converted into digital art? Is it ever? To me it's alot about 'feeling'. I won't say...
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    November 2019 Sm4him Photo Challenge Winner (Black & White)

    Thanks everyone! I'm super glad :D
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    Considering what we are.

    I added numbers to things in your post so you can know what I'm replying to. Can I get a link related to the Petzcal and Voigtländer microscope thing you mentioned? Very curious. I mean.. Lenses don't need those to make great shots, they're tools we have to simplify the process. You're going on...
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    Considering what we are.

    I also can't find anything about that.
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    November 2019 Sm4him Photo Challenge

    I can imagine this challenge got a few more entries than normal?
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    Tips For Shooting in Winter and Cold Freaking Weather

    Yeah I'm very on-off on forums generally. The on I've been on most is LinusTechTips, 3000+ posts there, but haven't been super active for over a year now.
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    Tips For Shooting in Winter and Cold Freaking Weather

    This was an interesting read! As a Swede with Finnish heritage I've always been very accustomed to cold weather, and aside from that I'm a generally warm blooded guy, cold doesn't bother me much until -20C (-4F, man translating heat is weird), when it gets that cold I put my hat on. Things to...
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    Swedish photography hobbyist!

    Hello! I'm William, 24, and I joined about a year ago but never really introduced myself. Photography has been around me all the time, though it only caught my interest for real in 2017 depsite having studied it since 2011. I've always been interested in art in various forms, drawing, painting...
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    Sold off my D800, 24-70 & 70-200!!!

    Lovely setup! The DF is one of my favourites. Just keep in mind that you lose AF functionality on the FTZ adapter if you use AF-D lenses. So if you'll upgrade later, keep that in mind.
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    Canon 5D classic died on me

    Hello forum! I was on a very nice hiking trip this past week. My main system is a Sony A7ii with some native glass but also some adapted Canon lenses (Sigma MC-11). For this trip I decided to get a cheap camera, full frame, to go with the glass I already own and the 5D classic was, to me, a...
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    Sony A7ii flash equipment

    Heya! So I was asked if I'm willing to shoot some portraits and groups shots of people from a local gym, they basically want to refresh their site but keep the same feeling of the photos they have now. That means I have to shoot with studio lights, and I haven't done that since high school. I...
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    Adapters and third party lenses

    It does however seem like it only supports more recent sigma lenses, not the older model I'm currently looking at. So that's a bummer.