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  1. JenR

    Just one for now, CC very much appreicated

    I am supposed to be organizing and tagging photo files. Instead, I find myself stopping to reminisce and edit shots that got missed originally. Why yes, I am the queen of procrastination. :wink: CC is always welcome and very much appreciated!
  2. JenR

    Need a new computer... specs?

    I'm not exactly sure where this thread should go.... Sorry if this is not the right place. I am starting to think about retiring my 4.5 year old computer and moving into the modern age :) Does anyone have any suggestions on the specs I should be realistically looking for (RAM, processor...
  3. JenR

    Some recents from me

    I'm finally catching up on some of my October editing. CC is always welcome and appreciated! 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7.
  4. JenR

    remember me?

    It has been a really long time since I posted anything here. Life has a funny way of taking twists and turns when you least expect it. I had to put down my camera for a while to deal with some health issues, but I'm back into the swing of things again. It is nice to see some familiar faces and...
  5. JenR

    Baltimore Area

    Hey y'all! Calling all Maryland/DC/NoVA/Philly peeps! I have heard about this photo walk in Baltimore. Sounds like a fun time to get out and shoot and meet other photographers in the area. Oh - the details... it's a charity photowalk in Baltimore, MD (Mount Vernon area meeting up at the...
  6. JenR

    Studio shots

    Now that the dark winter is coming around again, I've started to play with off-camera flash. Would love some CC. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Thanks for looking!
  7. JenR

    Haven't shared in forever-- some recents

    I haven't shared any photos lately-- real life has a way of interfering with what I'd rather be doing! :lol: I have a little extra time tonight, so I though I'd share some recent stuff. CC is ALWAYS welcome. I can look up the EXIF info if anyone is interested 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6...
  8. JenR

    Gorgeous Light

    We had some gorgeous light by the pool this week. Yes, her hair is a mess, but it is so *her*. Would love CC, the harsher the better! Thanks for taking a look
  9. JenR

    A couple of recent ones

    Two for hardcore CC. I'll look up the EXIF info if anyone is interested Thanks for taking a look :blushing:
  10. JenR

    B&W Boy

    I haven't shared in a while. Just one from me for CC.... shot in Manual, ISO 800, SS 1/100, f2.8 Thanks for looking :blushing:
  11. JenR

    Two more unidentified "finds" in the attic

    Hi all, We are continuing to sort through my uncle's old equipment and have come up with a couple more unidentified objects. Does anyone know what these are? Thanks for all the help! Not sure if this one is photography-related or random attic junk that got mixed in with the rest of...
  12. JenR

    Antique medium and large format cameras

    I don't usually post much, but I have so many questions for your knowledgable people right now! As I mentioned in one of my previous posts, I'm helping my aunt sort through some old photographic equipment. In additon to a bunch of junk, we have found some real treasures. Right now, she wants...
  13. JenR


    I have a Rolleiflex camera (serial # 1769584) with a Planar f3.5 75 mm lens. I think it is a Rolleiflex 3.5E (type 1). Is that right? How much would something like this be worth? Thanks all! ~jen
  14. JenR

    Baby C

    This was done with natural light just inside an open front door. I would love some CC on this. Thanks!! :D ~jen
  15. JenR

    Mystery Camera (pic heavy!!)

    My uncle was a professional photographer from the 1940's until his death in the early 80's. My aunt has decided that it is finally time to go through his things and figure out what he had. We spent most of the day today sifting through TONS of boxes. This is our first mystery camera... Can...
  16. JenR

    Experimenting with off-camera flash

    I have just started experimenting with off-camera flash. I have about the most basic set-up possible. I'm using am SB-600 reflected off a 35" (I think) white umbrella and a foil-covered piece of cardboard for a reflector. This is one of my first attempts. This is SOOC-- just converted to...
  17. JenR

    Hard CC, please- natural light BW's

    It has been a while since I shared anything here. I would really love some serious CC- the harder the better!!! These were all done in natural light in manual mode (I think). I can look up the settings if anyone is interested. 1. 2. 3. 4. I would really love all the feedback I...
  18. JenR

    Experimenting w/ off-camera flash

    I haven't shared in a looooong time. Here are 3 from me. As always, I would love any feedback on these. I can look up EXIF info if anyone is interested. 1. 2. 3. ~jen :)
  19. JenR

    HELP!!! composition/crop issues

    The composition of this pretty much sucks. I am kicking myself for cutting off his fingers. Can anyone come up with a creative way to improve the composition? Thanks!!
  20. JenR

    hardcore critique, please!

    newborn for hardcore critique... natural light, manual exposure, SS1/125, f3.2, ISO 800 He is NOT mine, so there is no need to be gentle or hold back. Let me have it!! Thanks