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    A funny LEGO Halloween Movie. Happy Halloween! - Canon 60D

    A Funny Halloween Movie. Lego Halloween - Trick Or Treat The Movie | Lego Halloween Minifigures !!! Joker's funny Halloween movie did not give spiderman and iro man candy so was Treaters ... Trick-or-Treating can be fun ... but only if you play nice. Happy Halloween! By: LEGO Super Heroes
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    Make a movie LEGO SPIDER MAN HOMECOMING by Canon 60D

    I made a movie LEGO SPIDER MAN HOMECOMING by Canon 60D in a week. You see and comment on the image and light. Thank you ^^ by: LEGO Super Heroes
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    LEGO Super Heroes vs Godzilla | Lego Marvel Superheroes 2 Movie

    Distinct team of super heroes: Lego super heroes,lego spiderman,lego batman,lego hulk, lego iron man, lego thor - Fighting with the godzilla are breaking the city. The ranger forces can not prevent godziila. The heroic heroes tried their best to prevent the nasty godzilla ... LEGO Super Heroes...