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  1. Des H

    We Three Queens

    A very familiar painting entitled "we three kings" of Red Rum, Arkle and Desert Orchid, by the artist Susan Crawford came to mind as I took this shot. The main difference here being that my three were mares in foal..Maybe you'd like to name them :D
  2. Evening Harvest

    Evening Harvest

  3. Lucky Guy

    Lucky Guy

    General Photo's
  4. Des H

    An Irish Beach

    The original shot appeared a little flat. So i decided to try and jazz it up a little, using the natural tones of the surrounding area. Your thoughts would be appreciated.
  5. Des H

    Meteor Shower Photography

    I got nothing last night because of cloud and rain :grumpy: Maybe tonight fingers crossed
  6. Des H

    Meteor Shower Photography

    alex i have the using the canon 400D or the rebel xti for our friends in the states.....but not being a night photographer.i have no idea of the settings to use
  7. Des H

    Meteor Shower Photography

    answering a few questions here sorry if i forget sombody...Think it can be seen from scotland.......dont want to up the i feel i would loose quality... just need to be told what to do to be first night time photography was a bit of a disaster ...
  8. Des H

    Meteor Shower Photography

    Hi guy's Expecting a meteor shower in the next few hours, Would any of you know how to take a nice clear picture of the shower.the weather conditions are not great mostly cloudly and wet.but im hoping to maybe catch a clear window. I would be very greatful if anybody could give me some...
  9. Des H

    around the corner

    wow..... thats all
  10. Des H

    Sunset 1

    if we are nit picking i dont like the two dark bits in the sky... apart from that amazing shot thanks for giving us a look at it :thumbup:
  11. Des H

    Finally gave B&W a try

    Im not in a position to give critique as im only getting into b&w myself. But I must say that I enjoyed looking at your shots especially the first one well done keep it up ;)
  12. Des H

    Advice needed

    Thanks DeadEye for your very informative reply. There was quite a lot of street lighting all around me when I took the pics. I will use your tips on my next trip out. But im not quite so sure of what you meant by Would you be able to post, e-mail, or point me in the direction of a picture of...
  13. Des H

    Advice needed

    Thanks dc for letting me know what you think. I auto focused on the bridge when the camera was on the tripod. I really thought i was on a winner for this shoot but alas my dreams are shattered. :lol:
  14. Des H

    Advice needed

    Thanks for the advice bakkie, A wider lens and closer it will be then. I'll post the pics when i get the next chance to get out. :D
  15. Des H

    Advice needed

    first f5 ISO 100 second f5 ISO 400 third f8 ISO 100
  16. Des H

    Some of my best shots ever (I think)

    just Awesome, the colours are so amazing.
  17. Des H

    Advice needed

    Tonight i ventured outside for my first night time shoot. What a disaster. I set up my tripod fixed my camera adjusted the settings, and took the shots. The three best pics ( of over sixty i took) i have posted here for your comments/thoughts. My question is "what am i doing wrong" I...
  18. Des H

    First attempt at water drops..

    The clarity in the last shot is amazing. And i love the colours well done.
  19. Des H

    At the cemetery with red flowers

    Charles89, My opinion for what its worth is the pictures look fantastic, I do agree with c0ps as he pointed out with regard to the first picture that the eye does tend to wander from the flowers to the angel, But rather than finding it distracting I find it interesting because it involves me...
  20. Des H

    Outdoor Portrait C&C

    I love the contrast between the vibrant blues of the model's eyes and blouse, against the brick background, I also like the way the bricks are sharpe focused on the girls right hand side and then blurring on the left. As mentioned already a 10% crop at the top would make the print look more...