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    Lighting question - where do YOU start?

    Thanks for the replies! Okay-the question is now why would you say ideally I should use strobes. What is the difference-are they that much brighter? I really don't want more light I don't think, I just want to be able to capture what I have (light). So spend money on new glass or new lights...
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    Fashion/Portrait/Web pics

    Thanks Pete, not too confusing. These are 1000watt though. I'll give it a shot.
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    Lighting question - where do YOU start?

    Thats just the thing. The lighting is low and to get the image I must go wide open to get a decent shot. If I go with a higher aperture I am sure the image would not come out at all. I do use a tripod when I can, but sometimes you just want to handhold to get the shot. Then comes the blur.
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  7. Captain Ahab's Gallery

    Captain Ahab's Gallery

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    Lighting question - where do YOU start?

    Here is what I do- right or wrong-need tips and advice. My portrait style is pretty low key in my makeshift studio. I am using VU-Pro 1000 watt constant lights with softboxes and Rebel xti with kit lens 18-55 3.5 - 5.6 I turn on the lights and light the model for what looks good to me with the...
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    Fashion/Portrait/Web pics

    photo goddess - Thanks for the thoughts. I have had the 2nd shot printed at 11x14 and it looked really good. I am learning DOF as I go and mainly having troubles with shutter speed versus aperture. Big Mike-I guess that was part of my question on the prime lens- In my small studio, I use the...
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    Fashion/Portrait/Web pics

    I cant believe no one has anything to say at all- you dont have to like the pics-just give me ideas on the lens!
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    Fashion/Portrait/Web pics

    I am putting this thread here as it is commercial photography I suppose. I have a web store that sells costumes and such and I do all the photography. I am using a new rebel xti with kit lens 17-55. So far I have done okay I guess and have learned a lot! In my studio which is 24 x 20. I use 2...
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    starter lighting questions

    Thanks Mike, that helps-I guess that really I wont get to to do much double duty with lighting - what I mean is -at this point I want to try all kinds of stuff -portraits, still, etc and one particular set of lights wont necessarily do all things. Oh also, thanks for the help on the other...
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    starter lighting questions

    I have shopping for lighting and of course there are many many ways that can be taken. I like the idea of the "strobist's" methods using a flash on a stand with an umbrella for portability and creativity (especially outside) but also looking for lighting for portraits and some still/product...
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    f / stop confusion

    I have been studying and I am learning quite a bit (still don't have my camera yet-but in no hurry) I know some of this will come to me when I finally do start really taking shots - I understand the f-stop or aperture for allowing light, and also for depth of field- but when you go shopping for...
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    Maybe toning down the highlighted barn spot would help -at this point (on the edited version) it looks like a flash that was pointed incorrectly and it missed the subject. Also there is a little washed out spot by the left arm that is distracting. Possibly a different crop with not so much barn...
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    Canon oes-30d for a starter ?

    Thanks again for the info -to all! Spent some time today on Canon's site which has a lot of good info that answered a lot of questions too. There is a pretty good DSLR resource there for newbs like myself.
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    Canon oes-30d for a starter ?

    (feeling stupid) -EOS I knew that, but I guess I'm dyslexic today. I'm guessing that I really look like a newb for sure now ! lol I appreciate the feed back-It will allow me to take pics remotely ie. computer? When I get home ( I work on a boat) I will go see if I can find one to look at...
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    Canon oes-30d for a starter ?

    Hey, I'm very interested in doing some product/macro pics. I am looking at the Canon OES 30D for my first DSLR. Does any body currently use this model now? Any other suggestions? I am going to be exploring other avenues of photography too, so I want a versatile camera so I can poke around with...
  20. Afternoon Shower

    Afternoon Shower

    Rain cloud in Matagorda Bay, Texas