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  1. Boyun

    Is it worth upgrading to the new full frame A7 from an APSC sized NEX series?

    "worth" is quite subjective, and has many factors. A new NEX-5T kit is US$700 and a new A7 kit is US$3000, if price is not a factor (considering your net worth, and your return of investment), I will settle for a A7 or better still A7r any time. Don't over look the EVF on the A7/A7r, although...
  2. Boyun

    Extreme beginner, need advice on what camera to buy!

    Recently, I purchased a Sony NEX3N 16-50mm (~US$400), among my other photo equipment. Despite, some bad review on Sony lens, I think both lens and body are wonderful and perform beyond my expectations. You also can do so much more with a mirrorless body, if you wish, and with so little money.
  3. Boyun

    Recycle a lens

    I have few enlarging lenses hanging round from the films days. As you can see on the picture (a thousand words), I put a Rodenstock-Ysaron 135mm f4.5 enlarging lens on a marco extension bellow (plastic cheapie $36.49 on ebay). I use "M" setting to set the "shutter" speed and ISO on the D3000...
  4. Boyun

    Recycle a lens

    Add a sample: ISO400 f/5.6 1/4s
  5. Boyun

    Recycle a lens

    Sample: ISO400 f/8 1/4s
  6. Boyun

    EF Lens on Nex Body

    The only one I would consider for Canon EF lenses: Metabones - Canon EF lens to Sony NEX Smart Adapter, also the one I will not buy: $399!!
  7. Boyun

    pentax k-mount adapter

    Thanks for the clarification. I use other lenses (not necessary old lenses or it is cheaper) on the NEX-7 because that is what I want and I like to do it. You are probably more or less my side, however iPhoto17 [op] is addressing another issue as well. Please look up a few posts, " ...but the...
  8. Boyun

    AF-S VR Zoom-Nikkor 70-300mm f/4.5-5.6G IF-ED

    The price has increased quite a bit, I remember not long ago, it was less than $400 on sale. I didn't buy it then, I don't think I will buy it now. It was certainly in my list of lenses in terms of price and quality for a D7000. Like KmH said, I can't stand the f/4.5-5.6 setup.
  9. Boyun

    Do I need another lens?

    The questions is the animals that you are going to photograph are dangerous animals, such as: lions, tigers, alligators,... Are they behind bars or running free where you stands, or lying down? If they were running free, I would say you need another lens like fish needs water. You will need a...
  10. Boyun

    Camera and Parts

    All worth something, I would say over $200 in total. Put it on craiglist, ebay or Kijiji.
  11. Boyun

    pentax k-mount adapter

    I agree with you with the evf, but not everyone wants a evf. Take a look at 5D mkII, many spend hundreds of dollars to buy a LCD scope to avoid to look through viewfinder. I like a EVF that is why I bought a NEX-7. You are wrong about the manual focus, the only way to focus the Pentax lens is...
  12. Boyun

    pentax k-mount adapter

    You will have to shoot with "M". and no light meter. Olympus E-P1 is not expensive, and has image stableizer. Don't take my word for it try it out, or ask someone who has.
  13. Boyun

    Can you macro with the 18-200?

    I haven't use this before. I know someone from the past who has, but I didn't get a recommendation from him. A closeup filter: Opteka 10x High Definition II Professional Macro Lens OPT10X72
  14. Boyun

    Can you macro with the 18-200?

    bullitt411, have you try it yourself on a G lens. The aperture on the lens is usually closed at f22 or... You will have to jam it open.
  15. Boyun

    pentax k-mount adapter

    Any mirrorless camera bodies (NEX, Micro 4/3 Panasonic, Micro 4/3 Oylmpus...) are good candidates for Pentax lenses with an aperture ring.
  16. Boyun

    pentax k-mount adapter

    In my opinion Pentax lens on a Nikon body is not a good combination, however you can do it: Pentax PK Lens to Nikon DSLR Body Mount Adapter Ring | eBay You will certainly lose camera body function.
  17. Boyun

    pentax k-mount adapter

    The adapter will have a corrective lens in it, because the flange-focal-distance of a Pentax K (45.46mm) is smaller than Nikon F-mount (46.50mm). If the Pentax lens you have does not interfere with the corrective lens in the adapter, then, in general, you can use it on all the Pentax K lens and...
  18. Boyun

    Buying my first DSLR should I go Sony? In particular nex7

    I love my NEX-7 with my Nikkor 50mm f1.8D