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  1. odagled

    24-70mm softer than 35-70mm at 70mm?

    Has anyone noticed that their 24-70mm is soft at 70mm? I bring this up because I noticed that my GF's 35-70mm is sharper @ 70mm than my 24-70mm both at f/2.8. I had the lens repaired in March but only noticed this recently. I will have another 24-70mm to compare in a week. Until then, anyone...
  2. odagled

    24-70mm stuck zoom

    As the title says, my 24-70mm is stuck. It won't zoom out and is stuck at 70mm now. This happened during a wedding but I was alright as I had the 35-70mm as backup. I'm going to send it in to get fixed but was just curious. What would cause the lenses to get stuck? Anyone have any experience...
  3. odagled

    70-200mm 2.8G VR1

    Love this lens but need to sell for financial reasons. Its missing the gold ring and has some scuffs on the barrel. HOWEVER, the glass on the lens itself is great. Comes with Tripod collar and lens caps. Asking $1050 plus shipping. I'm in Maryland, willing to meet up around DC or VA as well...
  4. odagled

    50mm 1.2 AIS Nikkor

    Picked up this beauty off eBay for $214. The seller had the Best Offer option so I said why the hell not. I offered $200 and much to my surprise, they accepted! When the lens arrived, sure enough the rear lens cap was tough to open. I just used my undershirt and gave it a twist. Came right off...
  5. odagled

    First Wedding... Sorta

    Background: I've been shooting since 2008. Since then I've shot small, backyard events. Only these past few years have I moved onto corporate events and a weddings. I've been a 2nd shooter for a wedding under a seasoned photographer who has been guiding me, for which I am grateful. 2015 and I'm...
  6. odagled

    50mm 1.4D autofocus stuck

    It seems that the autofocus on my 50mm 1.4D is stuck... I read that it doesn't have an autofocus motor so I'm guessing that its stuck somehow... When I focus manually, it's not as smooth as it once was before. Has anyone had a similar problem? :confused-72:
  7. odagled

    Too many lenses

    As the title states, I think I may have too many lenses. In fact I know I do. Let this be a warning to anyone just starting. It's easy to get GAS (Gear Acquisition Syndrome) when you're in the beginning stages of your photography journey. I started with a D80 back in 06. It came with the 28-80mm...
  8. odagled

    Apple to discontinue Aperture

    Apple to cease development, support of pro photo app Aperture | Ars Technica Read about this today. Really surprised actually. I was really hoping for an Aperture 4 or X just like they did with Final Cut Pro. Made the switch to Lightroom months ago because of stability issues I had with...
  9. odagled

    Nikkor 70-200mm VR1 & KEH

    Just a story about how much I love KEH. I bought a BGN 70-200mm near the beginning of the year. It worked great until just a few weeks ago when I heard a screech when autofocusing! I noticed that it would also get stuck sometimes and wouldn't autofocus unless I manually focused. Only after that...
  10. odagled

    1st Maternity photo shoot

    Just as the title says, my first one. Initially I was shooting with my 35-70mm f/2.8D in manual focus on a tripod. It has some an AF issue where it front focuses. Focusing manually got tedious after a while and since my space was very limited, I chose to use my 18-70mm 3.5-4.5 G ED lens. For...
  11. odagled

    35-70mm f2.8D Autofocus issue

    I picked up this lens not too long ago. I tried the lens on the first day and I didn't get quite sharp photos from it but I chalked it up not being able to handle it properly being heavy and push/pull. Last night I tried "testing" out this lens for sharpness. Now I realize it isn't the best...