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  1. rodbender

    Great Kiskadee

  2. rodbender

    Female White Necked Jacobin

  3. rodbender

    Tufted Coquette

    This guy isn't much bigger than a bumble bee
  4. rodbender

    Green Hermit

  5. rodbender

    Purple Honeycreeper

  6. rodbender

    White Necked Jacobin

  7. rodbender

    Butterflies in my back yard

    Tawny Edge Skipper American Lady Painted Lady
  8. rodbender

    Barred Owl

  9. rodbender

    Our smallest Owl around here

    Northern Saw-Whet Owl
  10. rodbender

    Spiders Web

    I liked the water droplets from the fog this morning
  11. rodbender


    even at F16 the dof is narrow
  12. rodbender

    Juvi Osprey

  13. rodbender

    Juvi Bonapartes Gull

  14. rodbender

    Merlin with Breakfast

    Heard a commotion to my left turned and saw this :D
  15. rodbender

    Short trip to a marsh

    Doe found me before she hit the spot I wanted her at Red Winged Black Bird Virginia Rail Chick
  16. rodbender

    Birds From this Morning

    Virginia Rail And It's Chick Song Sparrow Belted Kingfisher And havin a Crap
  17. rodbender

    Birds on a wire

    Eastern Bluebird Eastern Kingbird Bobolink Upland Sandpiper
  18. rodbender

    Stump Birds

    Eastern Bluebird Upland Sandpiper Wilson's Snipe
  19. rodbender

    Few from the weekend

    American Red Start Baltimore Oriole Cape May Warbler Rose Breasted Grosbeak Red Necked Grebe
  20. rodbender

    Rose Breasted Grosbeak