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  1. Des H

    We Three Queens

    A very familiar painting entitled "we three kings" of Red Rum, Arkle and Desert Orchid, by the artist Susan Crawford came to mind as I took this shot. The main difference here being that my three were mares in foal..Maybe you'd like to name them :D
  2. Des H

    An Irish Beach

    The original shot appeared a little flat. So i decided to try and jazz it up a little, using the natural tones of the surrounding area. Your thoughts would be appreciated.
  3. Des H

    Meteor Shower Photography

    Hi guy's Expecting a meteor shower in the next few hours, Would any of you know how to take a nice clear picture of the shower.the weather conditions are not great mostly cloudly and wet.but im hoping to maybe catch a clear window. I would be very greatful if anybody could give me some...
  4. Des H

    Advice needed

    Tonight i ventured outside for my first night time shoot. What a disaster. I set up my tripod fixed my camera adjusted the settings, and took the shots. The three best pics ( of over sixty i took) i have posted here for your comments/thoughts. My question is "what am i doing wrong" I...
  5. Des H

    New to this forum

    Hello All, My name is Des and I live in Ireland. I have joined this forum hoping to become a better photographer with your help and advice. I also love meeting and chatting with new people so dont be affraid to say hello I dont bite, at least i dont think so :drool:. M equipment at the...