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  1. Boyun

    Recycle a lens

    Sample: ISO400 f/8 1/4s
  2. Boyun

    Nikon L1bc

    In this digital age, should I replace all my Nikon L1bc with Nikon NC.
  3. Boyun

    Should I buy a D800E?

    Should I buy a D800E to take pictures of my cat this summer or use the money to go to take pictures with my existing equipment around the world ? No one is going to sell any of my photo equipment before I die.
  4. Boyun

    Lens Industar 61 LD good enough?

    Is it Good enough?
  5. Boyun

    NEX-7 at ISO 16000, Camera Raw 6.6

    with NR
  6. Boyun


    According to Thomas Maquaire from Nikon France: Q: You indicated previously that the D700 remained in the range, so we should not consider the D800 as his replacement A: That's right. Read more on Translated Q&A session with Nikon France on the D4 and D800/E | Nikon Rumors
  7. Boyun

    Public Footpath

    200mm @ F/8 1/2500s ISO640