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  1. bogeyguy

    Who says cats don't like water?

  2. bogeyguy

    Was it worth the hike up all those steps?

  3. bogeyguy


    Snapped this Thanksgiving night from a friend s yard, handheld.
  4. bogeyguy

    Someone hurt Franco's feelings.

  5. bogeyguy

    A fall morning round.

    Snapped with my phone.
  6. bogeyguy

    A new neighbor in the hood.

    Tried leaning on a pole to steady my hands and camera. Not 100% but a neat photo.
  7. bogeyguy

    Black Rapid RS4

    Mine finally arrived in the mail today. Strapped it on and fit it to my body size, did a few "quick draws" I think I'm going to like it.
  8. bogeyguy

    HHI Lighthouse, gentle C & C welcome.

    hilton head by bogeyguy12, on Flickr Tryng to organize some files, found this photo which I like very much. Any abusive critiquing and I swear I'll leave here. :lol:
  9. bogeyguy

    Evening sun at the Grand canyon

    GC 1 by bogeyguy12, on Flickr Ok, I'm no longer a virgin. Please be gentle. :)