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  1. Unmanedpilot

    Dance show pictures - CC would be appreciated..

    I like them a lot however I wonder if capturing motion would be a good thing? I'm no dancer and never have taken photos of dancers so take this as you will. But I see dancing as a motion, showing that would add to the photos. So your goal of freezing motion produced some fantastic shots IMO...
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    Those with movie capture abilities...

    I should apologize as I may have read more into JerryPH's post them what was actually there, and then wrote my post around that. I can follow the logic, and kind of agree, that my camera is a camera and that's all I want it to be. But the video feature doesn't hurt the photo taking ability so...
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    Those with movie capture abilities...

    At one point I would have agreed with JerryPH, but unless you can give me some hard facts for why video on a DSLR is a bad thing, I'm going pro video here. The benefits far outweigh its defects. To go with your tool analogy, Lets say I get a pair of pliers. Awesome! they do their job but...
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    question about what DSLR to get?

    Way to Hijack! ;) Anyway, here's what I think you should do. For what you tell us, a DSLR+lens for under $700 wont get you what you want. And if its only to send photos to family and friends the XS and T1i are WAY more then you need. The quality you get with $700 will suck anyway (trust me...
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    Some Kind of Flower

    I love the shot, but the grain ruins the photo. :???: That cant be in camera can it? It makes it look like there's this layer of gunk between me and the photo and I can't focus on the subject. I would love to see this again without the grain, if at all possible. Other then that I think its...
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    wow, i understand surfers now

    Seems to me the OP wouldn't know as he didn't take the photo. However, a telephoto was used in this shot. It is sure an incredible shot regardless of who took it :D
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    How much memory?

    Starting to put things into perspective. Ive only had one day where I took 1000 images, and I only used like 10 of them. But for my average use the 10GB I have is WAY more then I need, however it will be nice for the trip I'm going on. Will allow me to leave my laptop at home.
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    How much memory?

    You know, I haven't thought about the problem of downloading... Ive just been doing it from my camera through the usb. For 2 GB its not too bad. Now with how much I have I may want to look into a Card reader. My Desktop was custom built and never even thought about a card reader. My laptop has...
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    How much memory?

    Wow.. what would I ever do without you two to correct me! And your wonderful sense sarcasm! Thank you! Thank you! You made my day complete! :er: And for such a "Premiere" website I'm glad everyone is so respectful of each other and doesn't needlessly put people down for a simple mistake when a...
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    How much memory?

    So how much memory do you normally use or have handy in your bag? Since I got my camera I've been using a single 2GB CF card and has done pretty well. However I just recently found 8GB (2 4GB cards) for $40 at Costco and couldn't pass it up. Recently looked at the same brand at Best Buy and...
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    So lost and such a noob I know!

    Congratulations on the new acquisition! To start out I would... Start with the basics! Learn what all the camera features do, and what they are used for. And you probably didn't need to buy all those books because Google will have more info than you can possibly take in. But for now, find out...
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    Nikon Pentax or Canon?

    +1 Same for me, Ive been using Canon for only a couple years but if I pick up a Nikon I'm totally lost. Its not because its worse but because its different. I wish more people would just realize that, neither is better then the other, their just DIFFERENT! :-P:mrgreen: Good luck on the...
  13. Unmanedpilot

    Nikon Pentax or Canon?

    Well remember, MP really doesn't matter until you enlarge your photos, and since this is your first DSLR, I'm going to assume you don't do much printing. So with that in mind you'll want to look for the camera that has the features you want. Like the FPS, if you do sports photography then that...
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    Need Photoshop help!!

    What it means (as it was said above) is that that area has been blown out and is pure white. No amount of recovery can bring it back as there's nothing to bring back. Only way to fix it is to retake the picture.
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    Best Laptop for College Student?

    Mac or PC? humm what to pick? Well, doesn't really matter! The OP said he wanted PC, so that's the info I'll provide you with. Anyway I do have something to hopefully contribute, I run an HP laptop and think the color of their High Def monitor is just fine. However, I don't do much printing...
  16. Unmanedpilot

    A 10 At Jones Beach NY

    For Airshows you generally want 300mm minimum, however you did a spectacular job there! The condensation and the wing vortex is amazing as well, its not often you get to see that happen, let alone get a shot of it ;) Also, don't be afraid to crop, its ideal to get as much of the frame taken up...
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    What the?

    Well.. I kinda like it. ;)
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    What the?

    Did the forum just literally change as I posted a reply? I saw the old style of posts, then mine was in a new format.. then once I went back to the man page everything was different.... Talk about a quick change!! :confused:
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    What do you do with your pictures?

    I've found I'm a photo Pack Rat. I keep everything for some reason as if I may be able to do something with it one day. Generally if a photo is going to get deleted it will be right after the exposure and still on the camera. Once I transfer it onto my HD I usually find I never can get myself...
  20. Unmanedpilot

    Why do you love photography?

    Gives me something to do. -If its 2:23 am and I'm bored I'll pull out my camera. If I haven't been outside my house in a few days I'll go grab the camera and go somewhere, familiar, unfamiliar, doesn't matter. Its an excuse. -When people want group photos I can say no, I have to push the...