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    In need of suggesions for improving product shots

    Thanks for all the suggestions. My wife wants the straight on exact representation rather than an art shot. I've taken to doing an overall shot and a close up of the main lower section combined with a neutral border and neutral dividing line. She's happy, so I'm happy. :)
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    Yearling moose calf

    Yes moose are great! Thanks for the edit it is an improvement in the colors. I will have to go back to the originals and see about processing them better.
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    Backyard Birds Again...

    I'm no help in the lighting issue but I like the last two best. The second one would be better apart from the ?snowflakes? The one by the head and the OOF one by the tail. Did you get your computers working to do some retouching? I like that the third is on a rock instead of the usual...
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    Yearling moose calf

    I'm in Wasilla, AK. Basically in the are where urban becomes rural. From what I've seen moose go wherever they want or can find food. With bears hitting your neighbors trash that might be more of a reason they stay away. Heck in Anchorage one wandered into the hospital...
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    Yearling moose calf

    Thank you jriepe and Tony S.
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    Yearling moose calf

    Any favorites in the bunch?
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    Recent Backyard Birds

    Nice bird photos. Too, bad the lighting wasn't cooperating with you.
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    Living on the edge.

    Great sets. Numbers would help go into more detail. The 2nd of the first set is best to me. I like the cliff for reference. The 1st in this set the white sky just looks vacant. In the second set I like the third one, they appear very nice and crisp and for me the bokeh isn't unpleasant.
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    Alone on the frozen lake.

    Very nice. He must be hungry to let him self be so exposed, or were you concealed from his vision?
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    Florida Gator

    Not bad, I'd like to see more of the gator in the frame. Maybe get closer?
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    Sunset Time

    Nice image. The re-crop is better, but a little blur or smudge to the center of the sun would help, IMO.
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    Yearling moose calf

    Thanks Yes lots of pics, sorry.
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    Voting Poll: PotM February 2012

    Double ditto. Real tough to pick one.
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    Fly Over

    Very cool perspective. You are lucky you didn't get digested mouse pooped on ya! :D
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    Yearling moose calf

    This moose calf has been hanging around all winter mostly, with his mom. She disappeared, run down I fear as it seemed to early to kick him off when she stopped coming around. *UPDATE* This young moose is probably in his second year. The cow and calf are fine. In fact the cow was on my front...
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    Nasute termites

    +1 Another fine fine set. Makes it look like a termite superhighway.
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    Photography Tricks.

    He's very good at digital manipulation that's for sure. You might like this too : Ben Goossens
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    Catch the new moon! (and other celestial objects)

    Thanks. Also for the iPhone crowd ( maybe Android too, not sure) there is an app called Star Walk. It's awesome. Search function, heads up display, and timeline you can speed up slow down plus lots more.
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    Snow Load

    Winter isn't so bad. If its cold dress warm. Just remember when your choking on hot humid days in summer it's "just right" up here. :)