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    Aperture on D80 stuck?

    hello, I'm not sure if this is the right section of the forum for this question, but here it is. Twice now my aperture on my Nikon D-80 has stuck, and on the little top screen where it shows what aperture i have selected, it's blank, it shows 'F--' and i cant choose an aperture and it wont take...
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    hello everyone, Been a while since i posted on here, and i searched for this but couldnt find anything on here. I was curious, how do you do HDR photos? because i've seen quite a few and they look awesome! and i really want to give it a go, so if anyone could help me, that'd be great! thanks...
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    Beautiful Sunset

    Hello everyone! Here are 2 pictures that either my Dad or his Girlfriend took on their camping trip, and i thought they were really good and worthy to share with you! Let me know what you think! 1. 2. Thanks a lot! Jeff
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    A few Reverse Macros

    Hello everyone, This was my first attempt at reverse macros...i never realized how short the focal length was! anyways, let me know what you think! 1. 2. 3. Thanks! Jeff
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    Wasaga Beach Trip

    Hello everyone, i have for you some sunset pictures, and some people pictures (which im working). Let me know what you think! 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. Thanks a lot! Jeff
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    Lense hood trap door thing?

    Hello, My Dad's girlfriend just got a new pentax K-10....and she got a lense hood (this one ) and theres a little tab you can slide off the bottom, like a trapdoor, does anyone know what it's purpose is? thanks...
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    hello, here are some pictures my dad took with his girlfriends new Pentax K10....i think its better than my cam :(...any who, check 'em out! 1. 2. 3. 4. Thanks a lot!
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    First pic of person

    Hello everyone, This is my first ever attempt at an acceptable picture of a person, this one being my girlfriend while she was driving. please critisize it until its dead, i need lots of help with these kind of pictures! thanks a lot!! Jeff
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    hello, I made a thread for this before, but for some reason it does not any rate, here is a picture of my back yard apple tree in blossom....let me know what you think! also a sun pic 1. 2. thanks! Jeff
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    Hello everyone, Here is a pic i took of my apple tree that is in blossom in my backyard....just a little help from photoshop ;) Jeff
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    Flowers galore!

    hello everyone, i just got up one day and decided to shoot some flowers around my house....i know they're all kinda similar, but im not to good with variety of shooting with flowers...let me know what you think! 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. Thanks a lot! Jeff B.
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    A few pics around my house

    Here's some pics i took around my house(actualy within like 6 square feet of my living room lol) but let me know what you think. and let me know which Rose is better, i personaly am obsessed with B&W but i really like its me out! 1. B&W Rose 2. Colour Rose 3. Chip Shuffle...
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    Macro Lense for D80

    Hello everyone, I just got a Nikon D80 and i REALLY want to get a good macro lense that can do 1:1 or better (iono if there is better im still quite new to this) but it needs to be cheap! please help me? thanks! Jeff
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    Montreal Trip (11 pics)

    hello everyone, me and a couple friends, aggrivatingly both named Joel lol, went on a weekend trip to montreal. Needless to say i, and one of my Joel friends took some pics with my cam. let me know what you think (ill lable the one that are my and my friend Joels pics. 1.Joel pic 2.Jeol...
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    1 Kitty, 2 Birds (which one?)

    hello everyone, Had some spare time, thought id play around just a little, here's what i got....tell me which stain glass bird is better please, obviously cropped them, but tell me which you like most 1. 2. 3. thanks a lot!
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    Well, its been quite some time since ive been on here, its good to be back, this is one of my first shots with my new D-80, got it this saturday! and wow, going from a pentax k-1000 from the early 70s to this, i was speechless, but here it is, my first photo, called 'Quiet'. Im still quite new...
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    Camera for school

    Ok, i need a digital SLR for a photo journalism class for college...but im stuck bewteen two, Nikon D100, and the Canon EOS 10-D, i need to know, which one will have better photo quality, ease of use (though not that necessary) and which company is more reputable....another one Digital Rebel...
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    selective colouring

    Hello, im trying to do a close up of an eye, and i want it to B&W except for the center of the i have photoshop, but im not sure how to do the selective colouring part, nor do i know how to brighten up the coloured part(make the eye's colour stand out more). if anyone can help, it...
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    I actually took these about a month ago and hadnt put them on here until now....i forgot about them completely....tell me what you think!