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    A bird in the hand

    is worth two in the bush. Found this little guy on my lawn this afternoon as I was watering. A high percentage of baby birds don't make it for a number of reasons. Evidently he fell from the nest for whatever reason. Jerry
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    Was on vacation in Colorado for a week walking the trails and enjoying the scenery. My D7000 has been in the shop for over a month so had to rely on the D80 for these. Wasn't near the wildfires thank goodness. Jerry
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    Think I've got it

    Several days ago I had started a thread stating that it seems when I shoot macro with my D80 as opposed to my D7000 my settings need to be different to achieve the same exposure and was asking if the sensor on the D7000 was more sensitive. In asking the question I was thinking that ISO's should...
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    A matter of preference

    Some prefer to lie down while others prefer to remain standing.:mrgreen: Jerry
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    Bad news - Good news

    Latest update on my D7000 in the repair shop with a bent shutter blade. Took the camera in one week ago and was immediately told it had a bent shutter blade but didn't know yet whether the sensor had been scratched or not. After waiting one full week I was hoping no news was good news. I was...
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    Sensor Sensitivity

    I've seen it stated more than once that the D7000 is good in low light and honestly I never knew what was meant by that. Think though I may have found out today but someone please correct me if I'm wrong. My D7000 is in the repair shop with a bent shutter blade so today I went out macro...
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    What is this?

    I saw several of these very small bugs around the house yesterday (outside) and my first discovery was when one bit me on the arm. This was shot at 1:1 and still considerably cropped so that gives you an idea of how really small these are. Those sharp looking barbs are unique. Does anyone...
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    Critter eggs

    Don't know what kind of critter laid these eggs but they are on the soffit of my garage. These eggs cover an area smaller than a dime. Jerry
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    This vine feels strange

    Was next door this morning doing some yard work for my neighbor and decided to pull the vines off the fence next to his property. I almost grabbed these by mistake.:mrgreen: Jerry
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    The Fly

    Went out for a short while this afternoon and got this one. Bigger than a house fly but not as big as a horse fly. Jerry
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    Green flying insect

    Saw one of these on the side of my garage this morning but it flew away before I got a shot. Then early this afternoon he or one of his relatives showed up and I got it this time. Jerry
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    Robber fly, Hover fly and teeny snail

    There's a lot of rain in the forecast for this week but I did get to go out for a few hours today. I noticed the insects were sitting tighter than usual not being as skittish as normal and allowing me to get pretty darn close. I do believe this first one is a robber fly. I read there are over...
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    Hungry? Ready for some grub?

    Ask and ye shall receive. Today was a nice day so I ventured out into the forest preserve by me and was surprised that so many insects are out now. Rolling over a log looking for a spider or whatever I could find I saw some grub worms. Jerry Also got a shot of a small bee. And a...
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    Little colorful bug

    Saw this small bug sitting on the side of my shed today. It is rather colorful. Jerry
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    Little Smiley Face

    After spending hours today on yard work and then taking a short afternoon nap I walked outside with the camera to see if there was anything worthwhile to shoot. Insects like to sit in the sun on the siding of my house and garage. I saw nothing but flies but then this little attention seeker...
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    Speed Demon

    Found this snail and another one under a board lying on the ground. The flash reflection off snails is so strong that I upped the ISO to 800 so I could dial the flash down. Probably should have tried 1600. Jerry
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    My morning visitor

    Noticed I had company this morning on my kitchen wall. Jerry
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    Macro technique?

    For those of you who shoot macro I would like to know if you insist on at least a 1:1 shot or would you rather back up a bit and crop for better DOF? I, in the past, have preferred backing up a bit and cropping but today I got as close to this spider as he would let me. Not at the minimum...
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    Mountain Goats

    Took these last summer in Glacier National Park. Jerry
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    Call the Medics

    Doing a little yard work this morning I saw this and wondered why he wasn't flying away. Now I can see he has a large portion of his right wing missing. Image looks noisy and I believe this was caused by sharpening. I was using the D80 at ISO320. Jerry