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    my new friend she's my new friend meet her at the car show it's not a great pic cause i didn't have much light and she was moving everywhere
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    car show with new 300d rebel
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    I GOT IT!!!!!! it's my new baby
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    my apartment just some shots i took day after getting my posters up and cleaning up at bit
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    geetars II favs [/i]
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    was taking pix of my cat in the dinning room and looked over at my lonely geetars and took some shots.
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    a day @ corys(my bro) my favs
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    pony(mustangs the car) tour

    here are my favs this is a pic of the door of a new 04 cobra it was grey and here are the rest for those that are interested
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    mama's flowers(beware 56kers)

    Texas Yellow Rose in B&W Yellow Rose with Blue Tint Honey Suckels Pink Rose heres the others if ya like to look
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    Car Lot shots(link) edited some of the pix that i had and went and took some more the BMW M3 are all about new i love some of the angles i took it i think i really had my eye on this day
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    some night car show shots (4 pix)

    kinda sucked i was getting a cell plan setup and we got there late so i had to take some long shots just a few i have will post the neon cars later on the site
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    morning sun rise(2 pix)

    was up early this morning at 2:30a and was just packing up to move and looked outside right quick and sw some beautiful kolors so i got in the truck drove around the corner and took some pix this bunch makes 7800 pix in 5 months hope yall like
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    my 1st flower shots taking on a nasty windy day but they turned out aight
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    more watch pix

    took them last night i took some of them with my finger ofver the flash just to see what would turn out some kool ones i think
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    co-worker's rose

    just having fun and i've never seen a rose like this what do you call it a tiger rose? hehe
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    local car dealership (beware 56kers)

    finally went over and took some pix one day i think i'll ask one of the guys if he can take me over to the mall near by so i can get some alone shots. parking garages rock!!! hope yall like 'em let me know what ya'll think
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    Just found the place and signed up I've had an Powershot A80 for about 4 months now and I'm up to 7200 pix. I'm looking to get the EOS 10D in the next coming months. But I"m posting here to see what yall think of my pix. the link to my photo page(no design yet)...