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    top two photography magazines?

    I like Popular and Rangefinder
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    Engagement Shoot of a Lovely Couple

    Thanks for all the input everyone!
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    Engagement Shoot of a Lovely Couple

    I had such a great time with this couple!
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    Rocket Man!

    Just thought I'd share this one. A fun family shoot from a couple weeks ago.
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    A San Diego Wedding

    Looks like a real fun wedding! I like the editing personally, but I tend to like more natural looking photos.
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    Share your latest favorite images!

    1,4,7,8 are my favs.
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    Some bridesmaid shots

    I like!
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    Get away from point and shoot. Good luck and I wish you the best!
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    Kansas City wedding

    I do have more, although I won't be posting them all on here. I tend to post more on my blog though. Thanks for the compliment!
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    Kansas City wedding

    Thanks for the feedback! Yeah I have one in the middle of the street. I just like this one because its a little different and I get tired of posting the same looking photos all the time.
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    Recent Wedding in Kansas City, MO

    Thanks DiskoJoe. I agree with you now that you point it out.
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    Kansas City wedding

    Just a few of some I did recently that I liked. Thought I'd share and see what you all think of them.
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    A view of Sunset Bay

    Yeah, this is a nice HDR photo. I also hate it when people over due it on the HDR.
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    My very first share

    Very cool!
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    Pocketwizard plus iiis

    I like my Radio Poppers! but I think I could be sold on the Plus III.
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    Critique please - Newborn photos

    Can you put your F-stop lower than 5? I always like to check out other photogs sites to get ideas on posses and such. to much pink in the pictures for my taste.
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    Recent Wedding in Kansas City, MO

    Thanks for the feedback! ps I love your site
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    Recent Wedding in Kansas City, MO

    I had an 85mm one camera and one with a 35mm. #7 was taken with a 35mm if that is what you are meaning. Often I use a 70-200 but this venue was too tight for it.