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  1. muleonomics

    Stupid camera buying question

    I have a lot of money, but I don't want to waste it. I am looking for an APS-C grade underwater, rugged, camera to take on a trip the jungle soon. The Leica X-U is the only thing that fits the bill. It has an APS-C sensor and takes quality pictures that I could frame later. perfect! But I...
  2. muleonomics

    Is there an alternative to the Leica X-U?

    I am looking for a waterproof camera with an APS-C sensor or better. The only product I can find is the Leica X-U. I've never been impressed with Leica's price to value ratio. This $3000 camera seems like something you should be able to get for $1000 from any other reasonably priced brand. I...
  3. muleonomics

    Best small 5d MKiii replacement for extended travel?

    Can anybody recommend the best "fun" camera (money no object) for travel? I have a 5D MKiii and various lenses, but I don't want to be super-disappointed with the IQ. Some things I am considering: 1) Camera may get stolen or pick pocketed. So I don't want to pack a Leica. 2) Camera should...
  4. muleonomics

    Traveling to Europe... disappointed with Sony RX100

    I'm new to this site. I'm looking for some advice about getting a portable camera for an upcoming trip to Europe. I'm not a person who shares their photos online or does photography as a profession, but I LOVE great photos. I frame them in my home, I appreciate them and enjoy them, etc. To be...