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  1. Nintendoeats

    Getting started selling prints

    (Preface: I am in Canada, in case that affects anything) I really enjoy photographing vintage computers. I spend enough time on these photos that I've been thinking that it would be nice to start doing something with the good ones beyond putting them on the fridge. Specifically, I'd like to...
  2. Nintendoeats

    Seeking 3-Axis Drone Gimbal

    My brother and I would like to purchase a gimbal for my Dad. We are debating whether to get one that will support is GoPro and his phone, or his GoPro on a drone (Holy Stone HS700). Finding gimbals in the first category isn't too hard, but the second is starting to vex me. It seems that you can...
  3. Nintendoeats

    ACDsee Pro Contest

    I just purchased ACDsee Pro, which at the moment includes a second copy for free. Since I cannot imagine who I would give that too, I thought a photo contest was in order. I will give the key to whoever posts the "best" photo here over the next week which involves cars, video games, guitars or...
  4. Nintendoeats

    Uses for Malfunctioning Lenses

    My 55-200 lens suffers from softness and chromatic aberration, enough so that it isn't really of any use. Being a tinkerer my inclination is to take it apart and see how it works, then turn it into a shot glass or something. However, before I do that is there any method of repairing such things...
  5. Nintendoeats

    River in Thaw

    I went out on Friday and got a whole bunch off good shots! These are just a few, it was an excellent day. I would really like feedback on these. I feel like some of them would benefit from post processing but I'm not sure where to go with it.
  6. Nintendoeats

    Virtual Boy Color

    What do we think?
  7. Nintendoeats

    Retail Graveyard

    I took a walk through the fog the other day and got these. As somebody who used to push shopping carts for a living I find it simultaneously sad and gratifying.
  8. Nintendoeats

    Soft Squirrels!

    I went out shooting squirrels a couple days ago with my 55-200 lens. I'm not entirely sure about them, there seems to be a great deal of softness pretty much everywhere (and possibly some chromatic aberration as well). I was shooting at high speeds (1600+) so I don't think it's motion blur. But...
  9. Nintendoeats

    Night Shots

    I went for a walk last night to practice shooting in low-light. I definitely discovered the noise limits of my camera's ISO. These are the best I think. C+C would be very appreciated.
  10. Nintendoeats

    Game Boy Camera Retrospective

    Most people will at least be aware of the Game Boy Camera, which celebrates its 20th birthday this year. Released in February 1998, it was at the time the smallest commercial digital camera in the world. I have been unable to find an MSRP that I am confident in, but my estimate is that a camera...
  11. Nintendoeats

    What Did The Sun Do To My Photo?

    I took this using my 35mm 1.8G lens with a clear glass filter on it and a lens hood. All of my shots from this angle have this odd washout and sunspotting. Obviously the sun is there, but it is reasonably far out of frame and this isn't what I saw through the viewfinder. What happened, and how...
  12. Nintendoeats

    Broken Window in Snow

    I was hoping to get some shots like this and the weather provided, I think they came out very nicely. Perhaps the second would have benefited from a wider depth of field?
  13. Nintendoeats

    How to Determine a Lens' Maximum DOF

    I recently read an article in which somebody referred to a camera/lens combination not gaining appreciable depth of field below a particular aperture size (11 in this case). I was recently doing some nighttime landscape shots and this information would have been useful information since I...
  14. Nintendoeats


    Hi! I received my first "real" camera for christmas, a Nikon D5200, so now I obviously need to know everything about photography and how cameras work. I know that I'm going to at various points hit questions which search engines fail to answer, so I am joining up preemptively. I'm also looking...