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  1. minister

    Lemon Tea Water Splash

    Hi, recently Clicked this shot Last Sunday Shoot , the shoot was as usual involved lots of planning , specially the water base. I wanted a base which can hold the water as well as pass light also , So i made it using transparent acrylic sheet and sticking a electrical wire fitting bidding on...
  2. minister

    Icy chilled cold drink

    Hi, This sunday I set up my table top to shoot this icy chilled look cold drink shot, I used three light with soft box one behind and two on both side at 45D, very close to subject. all three softbox were 24" Though My aim was to achieve a advertisement kinda looks which we sees in a...
  3. minister

    Baby boy portrait shot with DIY setup

    Hi, I am doing photography for a while and love to do DIY setup shots , yesterday I tried photoshoot with my baby boy I used three speedlight and 50mm F2 one on left one right directly on V shape large sheet in front of boy and one hitting background please comment and suggest be how more...
  4. minister

    need creative light help

    Hi, I am doing food photo for one of the local restaurant , and last night they gave some chocolate cake for urgent shoot. I worked late and completed the shoot. Thought I am not very happy,but bcoz of urgency and late working hour I gave them 4 images to them and they liked it also. (or may...
  5. minister

    Cookies with juice and coffee

    Hi, I am working photos for one bakery shop and come up with this shot, I have used two light main slight angle on back side and one as a fill light on right I know there is some pinkish red tone please comment and suggest
  6. minister

    Food Photography

    Though I have not posted since long time but I am following the forum. So after along break I have decided to post here again , for your feed back. I have been shooting food a lot from some time and really feel good doing so.
  7. minister

    lens camouflage

    Hi, I am lokking to buy lens camouflage. may be some pieces , can any body share me link where I can buy it , I am looking to buy cheap not from lens coat may be some from china Thank you regards
  8. minister

    Red Bull X-Fighter , International Free Style Stunts

    Last Saturday I attended The Red bull X-Fighter international Free Style Bike Stunt Show , Held at New Delhi Raj Ghat They have performed worldwide at pyramids,burj Dubai , sydny,madrid .This year they performed at India But not at large scale as they do in other country , may be this was test...
  9. minister

    WTB nikon 80-200 2.8

    I am looking to buy nikon 80-200 2.8 Ed D version , item need to be ship to Uk or India cheapest and safest option available please spear ur old item and let new comers use them ! contact me :=
  10. minister

    WTB nikon 80-200 2.8

    looking to buy nikon AF 80-200 2.8 ED-D (on push pull)
  11. minister

    PP help needed

    Hi I was looking for help to pixelate image like this , can some body help me how to ?
  12. minister

    aspect ratio for all

    Hi, some body can make me understand aspect ratio , what ever I have read is about 3:2 aspect ratio is to print on 4*6 size print but i want to know what if I don't want 4*6 print but any so what aspect ratio should I follow and how will I handle in camera , I know I am missing something...
  13. minister


    You must have got the hint what I want to do , actual problem I know Sb25 cannot be triggered by CLS , So what will be the best and cheapest way to trigger my sb25 OC using CLS to triggering SB600 and YN560 Sb25 PC sync port, so can I connect my two flashes with pc sync? and If I use...
  14. minister

    LED Light painting

    Hi, recently I started tacking interested in light painting and this is my attempt two what do you say about this
  15. minister

    paper effect

    Hi I just gone through this images and love the background texture I know it must be some plugin in PS or something do you have any idea how to achieve this kind of paper effect
  16. minister

    how to read distance on lens

    Hi , Today I have decided to learn about distance calculation , and suddenly I realize I have one distance meter on my nikon 85mm 1.8 lens All I want to know How to use it or what is the purpose of those figures ,
  17. minister

    why noes goes OOF

    why nose goes out of focus in this kind of shots , This has happens with me also , If i am focusing on eye nose goes out of focus check my portrait images 85mm > Portraits > 85mm and I am curious what could be the exif info of this shot as I also wanted to shoot portrait this close (not...
  18. minister

    Infrared Trouble

    HI recently I bought IR 720 filter to try my hand on infrared photography I am using D90 and tamron 17-50 All I want to do for now Is make a black and white photo out of these photo like these White Balance in Infrared Photography « Photofocus But do not get those pure white trees or grass...
  19. minister

    Think out of Box

    Hi, Shoot this image on my indore trip last month , I used my nana store room broken chair
  20. minister

    WTB nikon 85mm 1.8

    Hi I am looking to buy Nikon 85mm AF-D 1.8 if any body of you willing to sell plz contact , regards