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  1. BrianV

    User Group for Rude Members.

    Many more good members have just stayed away from this forum because of a few members not being banned. If they are not going to be banned, they should be prevented from bullying new members. Internet Bullying does exist. What I saw this weekend was truly disgusting, carried on by a couple of...
  2. BrianV

    User Group for Rude Members.

    No- I did not bother to read TEN pages, glanced at a few meaningless replies, that was enough to just click "LAST" for the thread. I can read, just do not bother wading through most of the crap posted in response.
  3. BrianV

    User Group for Rude Members.

    I suspect that is the problem with this forum. A lot of people come here to watch the fight club, rather than come here for the photography. Hey, who doesn't want to see a teen-age girl get picked on in public, right? It is a foreign-owned, for-profit forum. Flamewars make for lots of...
  4. BrianV

    User Group for Rude Members.

    Just checked this thread back from last night. 10 pages. I struck a nerve. It certainly proves that a user-group should be formed for a certain type of member. The forum Admin can create a new user-group that does not include the beginner forums. Move members into it as they see fit. This...
  5. BrianV

    Leica Standard E help

    "The Leica Manual" by Morgan and Lester is available as a free PDF download here: THE LEICA MANUAL : WILLARD E.MORGAN : Free Download & Streaming : Internet Archive This version is from 1938, and will cover your camera.
  6. BrianV

    User Group for Rude Members.

    There is a small minority of members here that appear to view new members as targets. In the few months that I've been here, the same few seem to attack new members posting in the beginner's forum. For whatever reason, these members are not banned. Several of the members that they insulted left...
  7. BrianV

    The one that started it all!

    The Kodak DCS-100 was a Nikon F3 with a digital back tethered to a luggable computer. It had a 1.3MPixel "KAF-1300". One of the groups at my work made a Nikon F4 1MPixel digital camera before the DCS-100, it went up on the Space Shuttle. I worked on a two-color IR sensor in the early 1980s. I...
  8. BrianV

    The one that started it all!

    Not my first camera, but my first "store-bought" digital camera. Kodak made this one at my request, over 20 years ago. The first Infrared Digital camera that they sold. It still works- but required tearing down a couple of times. If you really want a film camera, I and several other members...
  9. BrianV

    Function of focus ring

    You have two optical mechanisms at work with a zoom lens: changing distance between lens groups to change the effective focal length (EFL), and compensating the focus as the EFL changes. Focus compensation can be done mechanically with cams to change the back-focus, or optically by moving...
  10. BrianV

    The one that started it all!

    Given the attacks by a small percentage of members on threads posted in the Beginner section, it would be easier to create a user group that is NOT allowed to post in the beginner forum and move repeat offenders to that group.
  11. BrianV

    The one that started it all!

    Doesn't this forum have any rules regarding personal attacks on members? * Flaming is not tolerated. Any member who routinely taunts, insults, or engages in any inflammatory, fight-inducing behavior will face banning, and such posts will be edited or removed. * You agree to only post images...
  12. BrianV

    Advice on M/L39 lenses

    The Jupiter-12 is a Zeiss Biogon copy. Good ones are quite good- I've used one with the M8 and M9. Be careful with a Canon 7 and Canon P: rear element can hang on the light baffes of the body.
  13. BrianV

    Favorite film?

    Tri-X is always a goos starting point, and if you like grain- push process it to ISO 1600. I tended to be "Panatomic-X in Microdol". So the absolute opposite...
  14. BrianV

    Nikon/Canon dilemma.

    Which Nikon lenses do you have? That would help set the replacement cost. for food Photography- what lens are you looking at? CF Cards- do go bad, some develop "bad sectors". Some of the newest cards are not compatible with older cameras. You are probably best to stich with cards 2GBytes and...
  15. BrianV

    Leica M3

    Contact Youxin Ye: the worst problem that can occur with the M3 finder optics is that the prism becomes separated. I think he told me that he has some recemented prisms. I sent my M2 to him, came back great. I have also sent FIVE LTM Leica bodies and a Leotax D-IV that was a total wreck. Came...
  16. BrianV

    First Camera Thoughts?

    Great camera and lens to start with, as did a generation of Nikon users.
  17. BrianV

    Stop on this thread :)

    Shooting film is a great way to learn photography, the N5005 is a good camera for a beginner to learn with. It has multiple modes for setting exposure: full-program Shutter priority- you set shutter speed, it sets aperture; aperture priority- you set lens opening, it sets shutter speed; and full...
  18. BrianV

    Is noise performance of a sensor directly proportional to its size?

    CMOS sensors integrate a number of signal processing functions onboard the chip. Some of these functions include taking ore than one sample off the detector and averaging the value to reduce noise. The idea being noise is random, and averages out over time. Low-light performance is greatly...
  19. BrianV

    Leica M3

    That is a great price for a working M3! Water Damage- either he had it cleaned, or it was very, very minor. Water corrosion will stop the mechanism. Youxin Ye does CLA's on Leica equipment, is fast and reasonably priced- if you want a CLA. If the viewfinder is hazy, a Cleaning will brighten...
  20. BrianV

    Need help with vivitar 70-150 lens.

    I've never opened one of these up - and hard to guess without having it in front of me. Often, there is a mechanism for aligning the coupling, I would look for some screws and the linkage to have slots on it.