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  1. SimonPi

    Olympus EM-10 Wedding

    This is the second marriage of my OMD EM10 with an orphan lens forgotten in a box. I hope it works. This is a 38mm F2.8 multicoated mystery lens from the 80s which gets cropped by the EM10 sensor to something like a 76mm. The aperture can only be changed by removing the lens and using a pin to...
  2. SimonPi

    Only 700$ to spend on lenses for Pen-F. Recommendations?

    It all depends on how you look at the world, doesn't it? Out of the 4 lenses you mention only the first one, the 17mm, makes sense on the beautiful Pen F camera. It's the classic 35mm in film photography which goes everywhere especially at f1,8. Save the money that is left for a future...