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    American crows in the backyard

    Here is a video I created on Amercian Crows in my backyard.
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    Need some help

    I want to ask if anyone is interested in helping me reviewing text for my last camping trip at Kejimkujik National Park for my website WillyG Lounge ? The purpose of my website is to share with people various hiking and nature trips I have done over the years in pictures and videos form. The...
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    What kind of bird this is?

    I want to ask if anyone would know what kind of bird this is?
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    Panoramic Photography Question

    What was the largest panoramic image you created pixels wise and how many images you captured to build this image?
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    Moon Video and Pic

    The moon can be fascinating. Both the photo and video I captured using the Canon PowerShot SX50 HS. I learned you don't need an expensive camera to get good pictures of the moon. I learn cheaper cameras can do just a good job. I wrote my first article taking photos of the moon . Learn more...
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    GoPro Chest Mount Question

    I own a GoPro chest mount that I use for my hiking trip. I always run into the problem that the video being too shaky. Though I do understand there is no way to record a whole video 100% shaky free with this mount. However, is there a way I can reduce it so when I use dehsaker to process my...
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    Ice Wall

    There is something that fascinate me about ice. It can come in all shape and sizes. This picture I have taken when I went to Blomidon Provincial Park. Originally I went to the park to see mudflats. However, I was not expecting seeing this when I visit the park. However, I was vary fascinated...
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    Canon PowerShot SX50 HS Vs DSLR Question

    There been many times I have been debating should I get a DSLR camera? My focus of photography is nature. I do a combination of landscape, macro and animals. I also have interest in astronomy photography. The fact that the Canon Powershot SX50 HS haves a equivalent of a 1200mm lens, is one...
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    Joseph Howe Falls Video

    This video of Joseph Howe Falls I shot when I was at Victoria Park last year. I do have additional videos of waterfalls on my YouTube Channel and photos on my website. Enjoy the video :)
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    Feedback On Photos And Thanks

    I want to start with saying thanks to KmH. He informed me to straighten the horizon for my photos. I have reviewed all photos on my website and made the corresponding corrections. I'm interested hearing feedback from other people for improvements I should make on my photos. I will share...
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    Excited of my mail order arrival

    Today I got excited when my Tripod Mount Screw To Flash Hot Shoe Adapter arrived in the mail. The purpose of this adapter is to allow me to mount my Tascam DR-05 audio recorder to my Canon PowerShot SX50 HS. Since my purchase of the SX50 HS a few years ago, I have been recording allot of...
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    Need help indentify moon photos

    Currently I'm editing photos of the moon for my next release. I wanted to know if someone understand astronomy well? I would need up to 16 pictures to be identify. I'm still in the process editing but I will have the photos ready shortly. Thanks, William Grant
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    Enjoying this website

    I wanted to say I really enjoy this website. There are allot of great people on here. I have already got some replies for my posts. I'm going to consider this site as my new home :)
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    Your interest in nature photography

    I'm interested having a discussion of nature photography. I would like to know what kind of nature photography interest you and why, the camera you use and how many years you had interest in this area?
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    Who Owns PowerShot SX50 HS

    I wanted to ask who owns a PowerShot SX50 HS and what kind of photography you do with this camera?
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    Hello from William

    Greetings to everyone at The Photo Forum. My name is William. I am excited finding this site to meet people with related interest. My interest for photography is nature, animals, art and astronomy. Recently I launched a new website WillyG Lounge to show case my work. Currently I have photos...