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  1. DennyN

    Butterflies at the falls

    A couple butterflies from the Butterfly Conservatory in Niagara Falls Canada.
  2. DennyN

    Our Lady of Lourdes National Shrine - Euclid Oh

    A few shots from last weekend. '][/URL] '][/URL] '][/URL]
  3. DennyN

    DIY Brownie Hawkeye Tripod Mount

    Didn't want to drill my Kodak Brownie Hawkeye or glue anything to it so I made this tripod mount. Thought others might like the idea. I have heard various ways of making a mount. I decided to make this version using hook Velcro on the bottom of the base, a small piece under the camera handle and...
  4. DennyN

    Film Brownie Hawkeye

    I live in Cleveland and want to go take some pics of the Christmas Story House. I will be taking my digital but I also have a mint condition Brownie Hawkeye I bought and have not used yet. I thought a picture taken of that house with a 1956 point and shoot camera would be quite appropriate. I...
  5. DennyN

    Portage Path Indian Statue

    Full size Indian statue at trailhead - Portage Path Akron, Ohio 1) 2) 3) 4)
  6. DennyN

    Test Sig

    Test sig
  7. DennyN

    Zero Image 2000 Pinhole

    Just got a Zero 2000 pinhole. Up till now I have done all my pinhole 35mm with professionally made pinhole caps, no viewfinder. Are there any Zero 2000 users that can tell me if they ever use the viewfinder provided by Zero Image and with what results. Also any suggestions for dealing with the...
  8. DennyN

    Niagara Falls - A Different View

    Post processed artistic photo made with a piece of a Niagara falls photo seen below. The middle actually looks like a statue on a pillar when in fact it's just a piece of land at the edge of the falls. There are other interesting anomalies as well.
  9. DennyN

    Our Lady of Fatima Shrine NY

    Went there again this past weekend and added some new pics to gallery. People put colored Rosaries and flowers on many of these statues. Our Lady of Fatima Shrine NY - Denny Noll
  10. DennyN

    A couple out for a swim

    Nice day for a swim honey.... They were on this beautiful little pond at Lake Farm Park Ohio -Misc
  11. DennyN

    Software Help

    I am a newbie with minimal experience with real photography. Currently I use GIMP and PhotoScape for editing. I see LightRoom with Photoshop is available now online for $10 a month Compare plans |Adobe Creative Cloud Photography plan Should I consider getting it? I tried the LightRoom free 7 day...
  12. DennyN

    I Caught A Fish

    Not a high quality pic because I had to max out my zoom at the last minute with no tripod but caught this Heron with his prize. Animals - Denny Noll
  13. DennyN

    Thirsty ?

    After I posted the bear photo I realized it's not really considered wildlife because I photographed it at a zoo, sorry! So here are some wildlife deer I captured by the water. Animals - Denny Noll
  14. DennyN

    Help with color issues

    Newbie question..... What accounts for the amazing vivid colors I see with photos taken by folks that know what they are doing. My guess is there are many variables but how much of it is post processing and in what way ? My stuff always seems a little bland. My stuff - Denny Noll Any input...
  15. DennyN

    Vivitar $2 Thrift Store Camera

    Other than my Holga one of my favorites cheap cameras is the Vivitar PN2011. This camera is a small light weight 35mm point and shoot camera. It has a 28mm fixed focus plastic lens with a wide field of view. The aperture is f8 and shutter speed 1/125th per info I found on the net. The camera...
  16. DennyN

    A few pinholes

    These are a few of my first pinhole pics. Equipment Minolta x370 SLR, 0.30mm & 0.24mm pinhole caps, tripod and shutter release cable. Film Fuji 400 color. Minimal post processing, had to clone out some dust and hairs. All were taken in the Greater Cleveland area. My next ones need to be black...
  17. DennyN

    User vs Member Gallery

    Went to post a few pics but not sure where to start. When posting to a gallery I notice it asks you to pick between a "user gallery" and a "member Gallery". What is the difference, which should I use to post a few initial pictures for some feedback.
  18. DennyN

    Hello From Cleveland

    Hi folks. New at trying to learn the art of Photography vs just taking pictures. I have acquired a special interest in Lomography including film pinhole, Hoga and Lo-fi cameras like the Vivitar PN2011. I have some photographs at Denny Noll which includes pictures I have taken over the years and...