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    tips for action photography

    I like shooting motocross pictures.Some of my pictures turn out very good but sometimes a fair amount of them appear slightly out of focus.Is there a tip that could help me get sharper action pictures?

    Losing image quality when resizing

    First off I am still fairly new to photography so please bear with me :wink: I have a Canon Digital Rebel XT and mainly take motocross pictures that get posted on atv websites.My question is this:Is it normal to lose picture quality when resizing a picture.An example of this would be when I pull...

    selecting af points

    For shooting moving objects such as a car is it best to have just the center af point selected or all 7 of them?I do alot of panning shots and was thinking maybe the autofocus would "pick up" the subject better by using only 1 af point.Is this correct?The camera is a Digital Rebel XT.

    Does anyboby have any experience dealing with them or know anyone who has?Thanks for any input on this.

    I need some expert advice

    I have been looking to upgrade to a better lens for my Canon 350d.I have narrowed my choices down to the Canon 70-200 L series 2.8 and the Sigma 70-200 2.8 EX.I have read numerous reviews and it seems that the Sigma is the better deal because you are getting basically the same features for...

    Help me pick a lens

    I mainly shoot pictures of motocross races and I am currently using a Canon Digital Rebel XT with a ef 75-300 lens.What is everyones opinion on the quality of this lens?I am thinking about getting an IS lens but need help in determining if it will be that much better than my current lens.I keep...

    Editing digital photos

    I am still new to digital photography so please excuse my ignorance.I have a Canon digital rebel xt.I am currently using Irfranview to edit my pictures.My question is this:Why is my picture so large when I open it up on Irfranview?Even if I shoot my pictures at the smallest pixel size they are...

    Explain lens hoods to me please

    What is the purpose of the "tulip" shaped lens hoods?I went to the camera store to buy a hood,expecting a round rubber one but all they sell is the hard plastic ones that are shaped with cut outs(ie tulip).Are these better?

    Trouble with compact flash card reader

    I just took 22 pictures with my Canon 350d that has a 1g San Disk compact flash card.When I took the card out and put it in my "reader" that plugs in to the computer via usb,it only shows 7 of my 22 pictures.What is going on?I put the card back in the camera and all 22 pictures are there.The...

    Continuous shooting with a Canon 350D

    This is probably a dumb question but how do I set my camera up to shoot continuously?

    difference in Canon Rebel and 350d

    Hi everybody.I was just wondering what the main differences are if any in the Canon Digital Rebel and the Canon 350d are?Thanks in advance.