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    talk about annoying...

    so last spring in my last semester of school i took a photography class, which sparked my whole interest in photography. we developed our own film and what not and i got some great shots. well, i forgot that i had a roll of black and white film that i still needed to develop until just last...
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    started back up again...

    so i've picked up my camera again and have taken a few pictures...i go through phases. be brutal!
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    question about the forum...

    okay, since the upgrade...big fan of it by the way, i can't post any photos. yes, i did look at how to post attachments, but when i scroll down, i don't see any "browse" buttons. also, under "posting rules" it says that i'm not allowed to post attachments...why is that? i've finally gotten...
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    the alps

    anybody have any good suggestions for places to go skiing in the alps? good night life, slopes (we're beginners). also, how do you shoot in the snow? i can't remember what i learned about it when i was in school...
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    what would you do for...

    one dollar? one pound? one euro? or whatever one of your currency is...
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    street photography

    what are some really good websites on street photography? just looking for tips and pictures to see...i just moved to cambridge and there is such a great scene here for everything!
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    which would you suggest

    so i'm looking into possibly expanding my horizons into medium format land.... Rollieflex or Seagull?
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    am i retarded?

    so i followed the rules for posting a picture on here and my picture isn't showing up. it just shows tag then the url then the close tag. so basically no picture is appearing except the link to the picture...whys it doing this?[/img]
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    5 questions

    i was wondering if anybody could answer some of these questions that i have. i've got a test tomorrow and need some help with this review. 1. how does a thyristor control get the right exposure automatically? 2. whats the guide number of an electric flash and its purpose? 3. how do you get...
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    69th post!

    everybody else gets all excited for 1000th or some absurd posting like that...i figure why not get excited for the 69th post. its brought a lot more joy and smiles to people than the number 1000. :wink:
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    riddle me this...

    so i've noticed in the bottom left corner of some of my prints something that looks like a stick. now it probably wouldnt be that big of a problem if i were taking these in a forest or someplace similar, but its on a good majority of my prints where there arent even trees...not all of my...
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    search your own name

    have you ever been bored and searched the internet for your own name? i did it the other day and was really surprised by the outcome. there are a lot of people out there with the same name as me, some even are famous, ok, i guess a boston bruins defenseman isnt that famous but still. the list...
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    really old press camera

    so i'm using an old press camera and i cant figure something out. its an old speed graphic press camera and there is something to turn right behind the viewfinder. below the thing that turns there is like a switch that can move up and down from TRIP, BACK & FRONT. the switch is permanently on...
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    graduation gift for gf

    so i could be the worst person when it comes to gift ideas for people. i'm graduating from college here in a month and my girlfriend is too and i need help trying to find the right/perfect gift for her since she's already mentioned to me that she has mine. i know it should be something that is...
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    so shortly i'll be moving to england, ok in a few months but still, and i was wondering if anybody knows of any good car dealers or real estate agents in East Anglia....i'm going to try and live in cambridge if possible b/c i've been there before and have wanted to go back ever since....any...
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    Austin, Tx

    I'm going to Austin this Friday through Sunday for a friend's wedding. Where are the good places to shoot downtown Austin and what are the good restaurants and bars?
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    first pic submission

    so i figure its time for me to post my first pic on here...its of my cat Alx...let me know what you all think, don't hold back. and my scanner sucks by the way.
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    ISO question

    when somebody mentions their film is TMax 400 but it's pushed to 1600 what does that mean? I think i saw somebody mention it on the high contrast section of the photo themes. I know about TMax 400, but my question is...what is pushing it to a different ISO do? and how do you do it?
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    The best there is or could somebody actually come up with something more better and satisfying? I think its the best for fast food and most filling.
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    should have done this earlier...

    since i tend to just gloss over things, i didn't see the welcome/intro forum when i first got on here....i immediately went for the Qs and As and the picture posts. lets see... i'm a 21yr old college senior...commissioning into the air force in my first "real" camera for x-mas this...