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    A themed shot I did for a friend of mine. Looking for critiques.

    A friend of mine asked me to do a shoot of him in this outfit. We were both happy with the results. I'm looking to get a critique in order to improve.
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    Magnifing the preview image.

    I recently switched from sony to canon. I'm still getting used to the new interface. One thing I can't figure out is how to magnify the preview image. It appears that the magnify button is set to Focus Select while in the preview. Is there a way to magnify the preview without going...
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    Sorry, but another Canon vs Nikon question

    I'm looking at a new camera. I have pretty much decided on a Canon 7d with 70-200 f2.8 USMII. But I'm having doubts about the the Nikon 300s. I'm looking to do mostly sports photography. Can someone point me towards a comparison of the 19 point af system on the 7d and Nikon 51 point...
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    Canon 7d wireless flash questions

    I'm looking into purchasing a Canon 7d. I'm having trouble finding info on how to work with the in-camera wireless flash options. It looks like the 7d can do e-ttl with ratios for 3 seperate flash groups. I'm trying to figure out if I can still use those 3 seperate flash groups without...
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    Flash Bus Tour '11

    Is anyone else attending the David Hobby / Joe McNally Falshbus Tour in Madison WI?
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    Anybody ever deal with Cowboy Studios?

    I just received a lightstand, umbrella, and umbrella adapter I order from Cowboy Studios through Amazon. CowboyStudio Strobist Kit Photography Photo Studio Flash Mount Umbrellas Kit: Camera & Photo The umbrella adapter doesn't match the one shown. In fact as I look closer at...
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    Video Cards

    I apologize if this the wrong forum to post this. I'm looking into building a new computer. The question I have is how important is a faster video card? My understanding is that the cpu is doing the grunt work during processing. What role does the video card have other than the obvious...
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    First shoot with models #2 Please C&C

    Sorry about second post. I just wanted to get some feed back on the shot that didn't quite "pop" for me. #1 #2 #3 #4 #5 #6 Anyput? --Kassad
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    First shoot with models #1 C&C Please

    I had a great opportunity a couple of weeks ago to shoot some models at a local photography club. Here are the four shots I liked the most. I'll make another post with some of the shots I think have potential. What do you think? #1 #2 #3 #4 I personaly like numers 1 and 3 the...
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    Yet another flower shot.

    This shot is the 10k pic I have taken with my Sony. I didn't realize it at the time. I'm just glad my 10k pic wasn't an accidental shot of my feet. I'm including two versions. One full color the other is with only one color. I usually don't go for that effect but it it seems to work for the...
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    Outdoor shot looking for C&C

    This is a shot I took 2 years ago. I plan on retaking this shot this summer. Does anyone have advice on what do do different next time. I plan on trying to get some shots early morning. This shot was taken late afternoon. I like the effect of the light on the leaves on the left side of the...
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    Abalone Shell looking for C&C

    Here's a shot I took the other day. I was trying to capture the iridescence of abalone shell. The shell was postioned against a black background and lit with handheld LED light. Exposures and color have been tweaked. Just looking for some C&C. Thanks Mike