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  1. Samuel.z

    Upgrading from Canon 750D (Rebel T6i)

    I've been at it with the Canon 750D for 4 years now and I still think it does a great job as a camera where I'm happy with the results even on print. However, I have found a few flaws with the body which makes me think it might be time to upgrade. I have looked at some mirrorless cameras as...
  2. Samuel.z

    Flash o'clock

    I got inspired by looking at some product photography recently and I just started experimenting with lighting.
  3. Samuel.z

    Spider in a web WARNING: Close up spider

    I was out the other night and saw this hanging on a bridge so brought out a flash and my camera and got this. i really don't like spiders myself but i couldn't help to look at it
  4. Samuel.z

    Night out in the city

    #1 #2 #3 A night out in stockholm got me a few photos.
  5. Samuel.z


    I have been cruising around stockholm and never felt unsafe and now this happened. I want to look through my viewfinder not over my shoulder.
  6. Samuel.z

    Start selling prints?

    I just got asked what i'd charge for a print of a photo. I tried to sound as confidence as possible and said that i have to look at the cost and will come back to them later. Then i left contact information and took theirs. I am now trying to figure out how to put value on my work. Since this...
  7. Samuel.z

    Everyday Cooking

    I was over at a friends house and took some photos while he was making a simple meal. Please leave some critique. This is the album i came up with. Nick Cooking
  8. Samuel.z

    Did i go to far?

    I was out by the lake nearby and shot this. It kind of looks like some huge mountains at first but this is just a frozen puddle with a thin layer of water on top. but i had to do a lot of editing to get it this way. This is the image straight out of the camera.
  9. Samuel.z

    What do you do when you lose your inspiration?

    So i was out tonight to shoot some night photos in the city. After about 3 hours of just cruising around in my car i realized that i passed so many places that i'd love to shoot on a normal day but tonight i thought that everything looked dull. What do you do in these situations? Do you pack...
  10. Samuel.z

    I can't decide if i like this or not.

    So i shot this truck and felt like i wanted to go for a more abstract look but i'm not sure what i think about it... i both love and hate it at the same time. I might go for another approach as well. Original: Edited:
  11. Samuel.z

    Landscape Tripods

    My tripod just broke and now i am here without a tripod. I used a cheap one but it worked well and was pretty steady. but as expected it broke after 6 months and then i got a used Manfrotto Compact Action aluminium tripod with hybrid head for free. The Manfrotto tripod was not really steady so...
  12. Samuel.z

    Night time

    I shoot most of my photos during night. That is because i work the night shift and most of the time i keep my day rhythm the same even when i am out of work. This is a shot from last night. Thoughts?
  13. Samuel.z

    Where are you guys from?

    Let me ask the forum where everyone is coming from? How wide is the community here? If you want to be more specific don't be afraid to say so.
  14. Samuel.z


    I hurt my foot yesterday so i had to stay inside but that won't stop me from shooting some photos. so i brought out some colored filters poured some waterdrops on them and this is the result.
  15. Samuel.z

    Stockholm Panorama

    I went into Stockholm tonight and shot a panorama. unfortunately it was not on new years eve but i am expecting to be drinking and do not have the opportunity to be there then. i think this would be a great location to shoot some fireworks. This will do for sure!
  16. Samuel.z

    Car Photos

    I would love to see some car and motorcycle photos. i am going out to shoot some cars tonight and i need some inspiration. If you have any night photos i especially would love to see that.
  17. Samuel.z

    Coast to coast

    Next september i will travel across america with a friend of mine. We will go from Orlando to los Angeles. I will be bringing my camera of course. This is the first time i'm traveling outside the borders of Sweden where i live. Now i turn to you guys and want to know if there are any places i...
  18. Samuel.z

    Young fisherman

    This window decoration really caught my eye when i was out to shoot some architecture.
  19. Samuel.z


    I got inspired by some abstract artist can't recall his name though but he had similar work to this. so i tried to shoot something similar and it turned out pretty cool. but i was not sure what parts i should've highlighted. what parts did i miss? what parts should not have been included? i'd...
  20. Samuel.z

    Stockholm at night

    i was out in the center of stockholm a few nights ago and took some photos. and eventually i got confronted by the royal guards for photographing the royal palace. apparently they got suspicious when i was photographing it at 5am. all good though i showed them my pictures they said it was okay...