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  1. OldManJim

    Critique of Macro '

    Thanks for the lighting suggestion. I'll play around a bit more with the lights. Fortunately, the feather isn't going anywhere.
  2. OldManJim

    Critique of Macro '

    I'm trying to get back into macro. I took my D7100 and the Control My Nikon software along with a Rodenstock enlarging lens I had from my film and. I used a feather from a pheasant wing for the following image. I know the lighting is bad, I used a fluorescent desk lamp and some natural window...
  3. OldManJim

    Agfa Isolette II

    Thanks for the link above. Looks really interesting. While I don't expect to hand out a shingle as a "camera repair expert", it's good to know these things. Appreciate your help!
  4. OldManJim

    Agfa Isolette II

    Thanks, I've been told that lighter fluid will free up the hardened grease. Has anyone tried this? If so, what results did you get and how doe you deal with the cleaned gears?
  5. OldManJim

    Agfa Isolette II

    I just pulled the trigger on an Agfa Isolette II that seems (according to the pictures and the seller's description) to be in pretty good shape. I know how to check the bellows for light leaks and I'll check the aperture rings and focus controls for smooth operation. I also have an app than can...
  6. OldManJim

    Morning at the pond

  7. OldManJim

    The Windmill

    excellent shot!
  8. OldManJim

    Questions about Tokina Lenses for Nikon

    What Jeff15 said. As I see it, you have 2 choices: 1. Save your money for a better lens. 600mm is about the bet choice. A Tamron 150-600 G2 can be had for about $1000. 2. Get closer by improving your stalking skills, or building a blind so you are hidden from the birds. I find a bird feeder...
  9. OldManJim

    Saturday, at the mall

    looks like an "end of the world" movie
  10. OldManJim

    Artist Doing Art

    Agreed - #3 is my favorite too. #1 is interesting. Its a picture of an artist painting a picture of an artist painting a picture. Probably some profound meaning in there but it escapes me at the moment.
  11. OldManJim

    Morning Creek

    nice - the only thing I see in the creek by my house is the occasional plastic bag.
  12. OldManJim

    Water Lilies

    nice - good eye
  13. OldManJim

    Leaves without a flower

    very nicely done!
  14. OldManJim

    What Does Your Gear Checklist Look Like?

    Welcome to the forum. You'll find some really knowledgeable on here and, like many other sites, a few snarky ones. It's difficult to answer your question as posed, since each type of photography has its own set of gear. For wildlife photography, you can't go wrong by visiting...
  15. OldManJim

    Star Ferry Hong Kong

    me too! That was when Hong Kong was under British protection.
  16. OldManJim

    An 8x10 camera on a Bicycle?

    Great video. Nice bridge shots as well!
  17. OldManJim

    Bellows maintenance

    I think you'd want to avoid Neat's Foot oil - it tends to soften leather and that might make the bellows loose it's shape. No experience with this, just a supposition.
  18. OldManJim

    Are camera and lens prices dropping?

    The only absolute eBay rule I have learned is that when I sell something, prices are down but when Iv buy, they go up!
  19. OldManJim

    A Few B&W's from a recent trip to New York

    I really like the lighting in the last one. Good eye!