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  1. dannylightning

    today's humming bird shoot.

  2. dannylightning

    how to get crazy up close macro photos

    the one lens i have will pretty much focus right up against something but not anything like some up close insect photos i see. this is about the best i can get. when i put a extension tube on any of my lenses i cant get much better than this. used my 18-35mm 1.8 for this shot. and the...
  3. dannylightning

    OH the Detail..

    put a extension tube on my 50-100mm art lens since it wont focus up close, was able to get a nice close up shot of this leaf, kind of amazing how much detail there is on something so simple. fine detail of a leaf by Daniel Caldwell, on Flickr
  4. dannylightning

    snapped a couple shots yesterday.

    i know i have not been on here in a while, my backs been hurting so bad i haven't been out shooting, and i haven't really one anything but go to work and lay in bed, my backs feeling a little better, took the camera out for a short amount of time yesterday and snapped these shots...
  5. dannylightning

    another assortment pack.

    nuthatch hanging out on the bridge. 20151211-DSC_6422 by Daniel Caldwell, on Flickr cardinal DSC_2491 by Daniel Caldwell, on Flickr gull flying over the lake DSC_1507 by Daniel Caldwell, on Flickr starling way up in a tree, 20151118-DSC_3920 by Daniel Caldwell, on Flickr
  6. dannylightning

    poison death??

    Phidippus audax jumping spider.. i got with my point and shoot.. I guess its not dangerous, i was able to figure out what it was.. I though with those markings and bright colors it would be poisonous
  7. dannylightning

    computer does not always load color profile on restart.

    i have the color monek display monitor calibration tool.. when i restart my computer which is my laptop with a second monitor. it does not always load the color profile.. most of the time it does but sometimes it does not.. when it does not load the profile this is what happens. the...
  8. dannylightning

    birdies and turtle...

    my backs been killing me lately, it locked up on me again about a month ago or so so i have not been out shooting much.. but these are from last time i was out when it was feeling descent but it started feeling irritated again , i was gonna go out yesterday or today but i think i am gonna give...
  9. dannylightning

    my very first bird photos..

    i found these photos, a few days after i got my first DSLR and a 55-200mm lens i went out to a park, got a few photos of birds and i was hooked on trying to get photos of birds.. there not great but here they are..
  10. dannylightning

    here are some photos from last year.

    i think i have about 500 photos in my still need to post online folder. here are some of those. here is this red tailed hawk, i have a load of photos of this one. might get rid of a few of them.. 20151211-DSC_6701 by Daniel Caldwell, on Flickr nuthatch getting some seeds off the top of the...
  11. dannylightning

    Canon G9X review..

    this is a very small pocketable camera with a 1 inch sensor.. i missed having a point and shoot that took nice photos.. i sold my canon G16 and kind of missed it. it was a little on the large size for putting in your pocket but it would fit in your pocket.. this is much easier to...
  12. dannylightning

    video editing issue.. not sure where to post this..

    testing out the new point and shoot for low light video... so i take a video with my camera, play it back in the computer and it looks nice.. i put the video in my corel video studio pro x6 editor or i can use windows movie maker and now the video is much darker and seems more noisy and or...
  13. dannylightning

    a few more recent shots..

    great blue heron 20160414-DSC_8188 by Daniel Caldwell, on Flickr blue grey gnatcatcher 20160506-DSC_1446 by Daniel Caldwell, on Flickr 20160506-DSC_1452 by Daniel Caldwell, on Flickr titmouse 20151211-DSC_6501 by Daniel Caldwell, on Flickr
  14. dannylightning

    sigma 50-100mm 1.8 art lens review..

    awesome lens over all. not so sure about it not having image stabilization if you want to use it in low light. first the problem i see with this lens.. ...shooting around 1/200 or so i occasionally get some motion blur, not always but sometimes and you cant really notice it till you start...
  15. dannylightning

    i sure got some good ones today!!! and some bad ones..

    saw lots of yellow warblers, gnat catchers and boston oreo cookies but could not get very close to any of them.. got a few descent ones of the gnat catcher.. but this heron, i think these are my best shots ever.. yellow warbler.. i think have not looked it up yet.. gnat catcher tree...
  16. dannylightning

    heron, goose and cormorant

    the cormorant is a little off focus or something but still makes for a cool shot..
  17. dannylightning

    a few new and old shots..

    evil looking great blue heron.. DSC_2822 by Daniel Caldwell, on Flickr chickadee DSC_2593-001 by Daniel Caldwell, on Flickr mourning dove 20160421-DSC_0070 by Daniel Caldwell, on Flickr red tailed hawk DSC_5611 by Daniel Caldwell, on Flickr great blue heron 20160414-DSC_8122 by Daniel...
  18. dannylightning

    osprey, tree swallow and the blob....

    20160415-DSC_8212 by Daniel Caldwell, on Flickr 20160421-DSC_0134 by Daniel Caldwell, on Flickr DSC_1332 by Daniel Caldwell, on Flickr
  19. dannylightning

    well what do you think..

    i still sucks at landscapes. tried to shoot some buildings...
  20. dannylightning

    great blue heron, chickadee and a chipmunk

    also photos in the 10k iso range just like the other post i made.. everything's a little dark but it was a dark day.. 20160501-DSC_0922 by Daniel Caldwell, on Flickr 20160501-DSC_0823 by Daniel Caldwell, on Flickr 20160501-DSC_0875 by Daniel Caldwell, on Flickr 20160501-DSC_0873 by...