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  1. Samuel.z

    Upgrading from Canon 750D (Rebel T6i)

    I've been at it with the Canon 750D for 4 years now and I still think it does a great job as a camera where I'm happy with the results even on print. However, I have found a few flaws with the body which makes me think it might be time to upgrade. I have looked at some mirrorless cameras as...
  2. Samuel.z

    Flash o'clock

    I got inspired by looking at some product photography recently and I just started experimenting with lighting.
  3. Samuel.z

    Spider in a web WARNING: Close up spider

    I was out the other night and saw this hanging on a bridge so brought out a flash and my camera and got this. i really don't like spiders myself but i couldn't help to look at it
  4. Samuel.z

    Night out in the city

    #1 #2 #3 A night out in stockholm got me a few photos.
  5. Samuel.z


    I have been cruising around stockholm and never felt unsafe and now this happened. I want to look through my viewfinder not over my shoulder.
  6. Samuel.z

    Start selling prints?

    I order my prints through ( seem to be the same when i look at their website). I am satisfied with the few prints i got. and a bonus is that if you sign up for email discounts you get 48 hour deals very often with 50-90% off. most of the time i order my prints at 80%...
  7. Samuel.z

    Start selling prints?

    As i do not consider myself a professional photographer but a hobby photographer, so this is just a bonus on the side. Therefore i do not want them to pay more than necessary. The print size will be 60cm x 40cm (23.6" x 15.7") on canvas. I guess i am selling myself short but i feel like a bad...
  8. Samuel.z

    Start selling prints?

    I just got asked what i'd charge for a print of a photo. I tried to sound as confidence as possible and said that i have to look at the cost and will come back to them later. Then i left contact information and took theirs. I am now trying to figure out how to put value on my work. Since this...
  9. Samuel.z

    Everyday Cooking

    I was trying to use my flash but the batteries were dead so i only got one photo with the flash. It's the one with the hand under the water. I see your point but since this was such a simple meal most of the time it was just waiting. most of the things were just straight out of boxes. a more...
  10. Samuel.z

    Everyday Cooking

    Try it out now i think i fixed it.
  11. Samuel.z

    Everyday Cooking

    I was over at a friends house and took some photos while he was making a simple meal. Please leave some critique. This is the album i came up with. Nick Cooking
  12. Samuel.z

    Did i go to far?

    Yes, when i look back at it now i could've just used a flash to light it up. It was pretty dark already outside.
  13. Samuel.z

    Biggest eye openers?!

    Manual mode - When i started out i only shot with TV, AV, P modes. I was afraid of using manual since i didn't want to miss the moment. Long Exposure - When i discovered long exposure it changed my way of shooting. Since i am awake at night (Working night shifts) i keept my night sleep rythm...
  14. Samuel.z

    Did i go to far?

    I spend almost an hour just to get rid of the trees.
  15. Samuel.z

    Did i go to far?

    My problem i s that i am never satisfied with my photos... it's both a good and bad thing. That make me want to go shoot better photos and get more experience. but alot of times i find it hard to share my photos since i am not 100% satisfied with them. I like your edit alot. just a few...
  16. Samuel.z

    Did i go to far?

    I was out by the lake nearby and shot this. It kind of looks like some huge mountains at first but this is just a frozen puddle with a thin layer of water on top. but i had to do a lot of editing to get it this way. This is the image straight out of the camera.
  17. Samuel.z

    Can anybody recommend a tripod?

    I started out with a cheap one for 20$. but that one broke within 4 weeks then i got a manfrotto lightweight tripod from my dad that were just laying around(He could have told me that before i bought my first one...). That tripod was in the price range of 70-80$. That one broke after just a few...
  18. Samuel.z

    What do you do when you lose your inspiration?

    I just find it really hard to find a good composition during winter. I also have a hard time finding winter inspiration. Everything is just so...white...I guess i should set up a mini studio at home and play around there for a while.
  19. Samuel.z

    What do you do when you lose your inspiration?

    So i was out tonight to shoot some night photos in the city. After about 3 hours of just cruising around in my car i realized that i passed so many places that i'd love to shoot on a normal day but tonight i thought that everything looked dull. What do you do in these situations? Do you pack...
  20. Samuel.z

    Landscape Tripods

    I went to a local store and i told them that i wanted to do some landscape photography. The guy in the store recommended the manfrotto 055 aluminium one. I got this deal that if i bought the tripod that day he could give me the head for free. So even though i could not really afford it at the...