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  1. dxqcanada

    Blue and Yellow

    Hmm, is there a Blue and Yellow theme ... if not, I would like to see one.
  2. dxqcanada

    Winter magic

    Well an unexpected guest arrived in our backyard ... living just north of Toronto Canada in the winter I was not expecting to see a raptor flying around our small back deck. A Merlin (Taiga) looks like it has been hunting in our backyard ... landing on our deck rail ... on the roof ... and in...
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    Light meter ... anyone ?

    Light Meter
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    ... another try at astrophotography.

    So ... I was on a vacation with my wife to the western side of the Bruce Peninsula ... the sun had set so it was rest time. I was reading Simon Singh's book, The Big Bang ... I have read this book numerous times ... when it suddenly occured to me to try to take pictures of our Universe. There...
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    Anyone need a "dark" room in a room?

    brought to you by Ilford new product announcement
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    Cosina Nikon MF lens...

    Now this really looks like a lens ... Cosina Launches the Voigtlander 28mm f/2.8 SL II S for Nikon F-Mount
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    Zenit Camera Lenses Hmm, those two new E-mount lenses look awefully like an old LTM design.
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    Primer about cameras and lenses

    Interesting interactive blog post by Bartosz Ciechanowski about the photographic mechanics. Cameras and Lenses – Bartosz Ciechanowski
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    Luminar AI ... easy manipulation

    Hmm, looks too easy these days to "create" an image.
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    This site was brought up in a post a couple of years ago ... thought I would post a link to it: About FPP - The Film Photography Project
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    Ilford - YouTube

    Hmm, just figured out that Ilford has a YouTube channel photography, film, film developing, print developing ...
  12. dxqcanada

    Olympus camera division sold

    Olympus Exits the Camera Business
  13. dxqcanada

    Too much stuff!!

    Yes, I have tooo many. As I have mentioned before, I am not a collector (though I do have a collection ... mainly of those cameras that look pretty but I could not repair) ... and I keep buying new broken things. My workbench is a collection of camera parts, and I just dropped a mini Speed...
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    Mini Speed Graphic restoration ...

    Anyone know of a pdf of a Graflex Miniature Speed Graphic service manual? I just recently had a G.A.S. attack. :confused:
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    Hmm, any Leica experts here ?

    I posted on the Rangefinder forum about this ... but I thought I would give you all a shot (you all I mean those of you that are not on that forum) ... Leica Barnack camera Serial number 517xxxx (no mention of K) Slow speed dial Black curtains Black top and base plate Looks like nickel knobs...
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    Darktable update ... 3.0

    darktable 3.0
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    Box of folders

    I donated to Goodwill, and they shipped me a box. Wasn't exactly sure what I was gonna get. Eh, don't mind the mess. 8cams by Dennis, on Flickr
  18. dxqcanada

    Foolish youth ...

    Was just looking over an old 1986 Popular Photography magazine ... ah, those pages of camera store ads in the back. Ah, if I was only wiser back when I was young ... I had the $$ but had other things on my mind.
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    Audubon photo award winners 2019

    The 2019 Audubon Photography Awards Winners Hmm, I think one of us could get 2020.
  20. dxqcanada

    new Sigma full frame camera

    This feels like it was made to be a modular video/still camera. Main feature | fp | Cameras | SIGMA GLOBAL VISION