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  1. photoflyer

    The R7 Thread

    I created a thread like this after I purchased an R6 as means for others to share thoughts about the camera. It is not a review. I got the call that my R7 was at the shop a week ago and would have to wait one week to get my hands on it as I was a continent away. A little background. Before...
  2. photoflyer

    Blood Moon

    My wife woke me at 4am and said I really needed to see this: the lunar eclipse. I had the R6 already set for night shots from the day before and the 100-400 was on it. This was taken at ISO 12800 f5.6 and 1/10th second....hand held. I truly enjoy using this camera and lens. Is it sharp...
  3. photoflyer

    Mirrorless Convert Buys DSLR

    I'm a mirrorless convert. I got the R6 and truly enjoy using it. But, while it is not a done deal as they have to get the camera from another store, on Friday I should be getting a Canon 7D Mark II with only 19k on the shutter. I've enjoyed watching folks on the forum dig their heals in for...
  4. photoflyer

    Eye detection still amazes me

    I have the R6 set up so that the back button focus turns on normal Autofocus. The * button turns on the animal / people / eye detection. When shooting this image I initially used the normal autofocus to focus the head. Then, just to see if it would do it, I hit the eye detection autofocus...
  5. photoflyer

    Downside to keeping an old camera in the car?

    I was thinking of keeping an old point-and-shoot in the car to take advantage of opportunities when I don't have a "real" camera with me. I'm concerned, however, that the heat this summer will damage the sensor and degrade the battery. I paid very little for this camera so it would not be a...
  6. photoflyer

    Blue Bridge

    @SquarePeg shared a very nice shot of Longfellow Bridge this week. Longfellow bridge at “sunrise” and this motivated me to finally get out and shoot a local bridge I'd been intending to photograph for some time. I have no idea if it even has a name. It is an extension of the 14th Street...
  7. photoflyer

    Sports: Play Ball! (Again).

    Some of you have had a chance to shoot sports again. I have not but today I went to GWU's Baseball Stadium and, from a grassy knoll outside the park and about 100 yards from home plate, shot a few photos. If you haven't yet, you'll be out there soon.
  8. photoflyer

    Any tips for stalking Owls?

    These creatures are, to me, extraordinarily elusive. I'm in the Mid-Atlantic and I hear them in the distance at night when at the cabin by the lake. Also, I've heard numerous owls at night while up on the Skyline Drive shooting the night sky. I'd now like to work on spotting one during...
  9. photoflyer

    Date imprint on old prints

    This print has a date imprint in the border of Mar 71. That would mean it was taken in December 70 if that is the print date (my birthday is in December). Or it was taken in Dec 71 if imprint is the date the paper was produced. My mother says that this is my 7th birthday suggesting the latter...
  10. photoflyer

    Are any of you shooting in HEIC? (HIF,HEIF)

    I'm wondering if any of you are shooting in this file format and if so what your experience has been. I know it is relatively new and was developed by Apple for the iPhone as a replacement for JPG. It contains more information than JPG and yet is smaller than JPG and of course RAW. My newest...
  11. photoflyer

    Advice using wider lenses

    I finally pulled the trigger on the purchase of a shorter (wider) lens by ordering the Samyang 14mm f2.8 EF (manual focus). Prior to this my shoretest was 24mm on the 24-105. I plan to use it full frame for astro, landscapes and interiors. I know there are several considerations when...
  12. photoflyer

    Kodak No. 1 Series II camera

    I know this is not worth much but I thought I would share. Anyone have experience with these? It has been sitting around in the basement for a very long time and I finally took it out to have a look. Perfect working order though I don't have film to prove that. I think it is a family...
  13. photoflyer

    Skyline Drive, Milky Way, Jupiter, Moonlit Mountains

    Headed up to the Skyline Drive and got this. Canon R6, ISO 12800, F 9.0 @ 30 seconds. Canon EF 24-105 F 4 L Mark II @ 24mm miunted piggyback on a Celestron Altitude Azimuth tracking mount. Jupiter is the "starburst" upper left and Saturn is above and left of of it. The moon was rising to...
  14. photoflyer

    The Canon R6 Thread

    I have always benefited from others sharing their experiences with different gear. So I am creating a thread for the Canon R6. My hope is that those of you who get one will share your experiences and images so that those making a decision, perhaps years from now will benefit from your...
  15. photoflyer

    R6 - Like sending in cereal box tops, and waiting

    The call came today and tomorrow I get to pick up the R6. The experince of getting on the waiting list and the resulting anticipation reminds of, when I was a kid, collecting cereal box tops and then sending them in for some sort of toy. (Do they even do that anymore?) Remember the fine...
  16. photoflyer

    Canon plans for mirrorless 7D Mark II replacement

    So I am on the waiting list for the R6. I figure it is more than enough camera and with the savings of more than $ 1500 over the R5 I plan to get the mirrorless replacement for the 7D Mark II. As near as I can tell, however, that is still on the drawing board. Is the there a Canon watersealed...
  17. photoflyer

    Skyline Drive: Neowise F3

    @SquarePeg 's excellent shot from the lighthouse motivated me to try again. So, up to the Skyline Drive I went. Shot from Fishers Gap Overlook: Stanley Virginia and Shenandoah River in the valley.
  18. photoflyer

    For you aviation enthusiasts part 2

    I wasn't expecting to hop on the bike and go down to the Pentagon and shoot the flyover. But I did. Here are a few images from that event that some of you may enjoy. Fifi, in-flight this time. Same for Panchito Queen of the skies. Long live the Queen. Six Angles. A Thunderbird...
  19. photoflyer

    For you aviation enthusiasts

    A fellow pilot and I departed Manassas (KHEF) at 5pm to perform practice approaches. At 7pm, when we returned, Fifi, a B-29 and a few other WW II aircraft had snuck in. They are doing a flyover on the 4th in DC. Ironically, they are on our ramp, so I can walk right up next to them with no...
  20. photoflyer

    Removing battery door

    For one of my Canon bodies I have the battery grip. Every time I remove the batter door to install it I feel like I'm going to break the tabs. Is there a trick to it or do I just have to continue being careful?