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  1. PJoneil

    Hey everyone!

    Hello, welcome back. I am still new here, lol. But I really enjoy the forum so far!
  2. PJoneil

    Looking recommendation on DSLR

    I like Canon because when I looked for my first DSLR the Canon 7D really caught my eye and I liked the reviews that I read about it. I don't really have a reason for not choosing Nikon. As far as I am concerned Nikon is a great brand. I have seen amazing images done by Nikon photographers as...
  3. PJoneil

    Looking recommendation on DSLR

    One tip is not to try and master everything about digital photography immediately. I would take your time and fine tune a specific aspects at a time. It may sound annoying, but in the long run I believe you will have a better understanding of each area versus just a vague general understanding...
  4. PJoneil

    Hello everyone

    Welcome, you have come to the right place to learn. There is some great info here. I look forward to seeing some of your work, especially the abandoned places. That is something I really wanna try also.
  5. PJoneil

    Newbie from the UK

    I had also thought about the 52 week bc it isn't as demanding, lol.
  6. PJoneil

    Fun Photoshop Self-Portraits

    I think they are all awesome just the way they are. I always enjoy the creative Photoshopped portraits. They are so interesting. Hope to see some more soon.
  7. PJoneil

    I'm new, I have a lot of questions :)

    I was also looking at your photos. I'm not familiar with your lens because I haven't gotten to try it yet, but I don't think it's an equipment problem. Editing software could help you "pop" your colors as well as help with your dark bridge problem, But there are tons of other methods you could...
  8. PJoneil


    Well I really like your result, nice shot!
  9. PJoneil

    I'm new, I have a lot of questions :)

    I don't think you need to learn to shoot in manual immediately. I have recently gotten used to shooting in manual mode the majority of the time now, but I still like AV (aperture priority) mode a lot. You should not neglect google as an amazing learning tool either. This forum is great, but...
  10. PJoneil

    Went to Oceanside and took some photos, what do you think?

    gotcha, I work in Salisbury and have heard of Waxhaw. Cool, well hope to see you around the forum.
  11. PJoneil

    Need to Upgrade Camera

    What I meant was hopefully after the beginning of next year, as in between Jan 1 and summer. I did not realize I needed to be so literal, but like I said "wishful thinking". I am sure you are right though about the price not coming down much further. I really thought about the MK II because...
  12. PJoneil


    Just curious if anyone has ever tried freelensing. I ran across the concept the other day and haven't really made up my mind about it. It's supposed to create a sort of tilt-shift effect. But I'm not too sure about shooting with my lens detached from the camera or how the whole process fully...
  13. PJoneil

    Need to Upgrade Camera

    I really want to make the upgrade to a FF Canon. I have been eyeballing the 5Dmk III. I have heard they are supposed to be releasing the mk IV sometime after the beginning of next year. So my game plan is when the mk IV comes out the mk III will hopefully price drop some. IDK, wishful thinking...
  14. PJoneil

    Went to Oceanside and took some photos, what do you think?

    where are you in NC? I live in Denton, near Asheboro.
  15. PJoneil

    Hello eveyone!!

    I never cared much for watermarking, but I use Lightroom and they have good watermarking tools. If someone steals an image off Facebook they won't get too far with it though. Facebook compresses images for use on their site so much that if you try to print it later it is mostly unusable. Welcome...
  16. PJoneil

    Hello everyone!

    Welcome, most everyone here seems pretty cool. I don't know much about Nikon, but I have seen great shots come from all types of cameras. I am sure your setup is more than capable of greatness. I can't wait to see some of your shots.
  17. PJoneil

    Newbie from the UK

    Welcome, I just started a 365 photo project that has been a lot of fun so far. I have also seen people do 52 week ones that aren't quite as demanding. You can take a photo a week for a year versus a photo everyday a year. The best part I think is that it forces you to stay active. I look forward...
  18. PJoneil

    Hello everyone!!

    Welcome, street photography sounds so interesting. I live in a small town and thought I could still have some fun here. We got big cities near by, but I like the countryside. Look forward to seeing your work on here.
  19. PJoneil

    Hi there!

    Welcome, this is the best place to learn in my opinion. I like to just surf the forums and see what everyone is talking about and I haven't even scratched the surface yet. So much great info here. Look forward to seeing some of your work sometime.
  20. PJoneil

    Hey Everyone!

    Welcome, photography sure is addictive. Do plenty of research when you decide to get your new camera. Everyone has their personal preferences though . I love Canon, but there are plenty of Nikon lovers here too..."those guys", lol, jk. I guess it is just whatever you get accustomed to. I like to...