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    on bricks and birds and the wide open sky...

    ok, I was thinking it was more than one pic. I guess you meant a collection of roof angles in one picture, which is a pretty nice picture. I still like the technology picture the best.
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    on bricks and birds and the wide open sky...

    didn't see a lot of different roof angles. some of the other pics were nice though, like the techno pic, and the drip pic was real cool.
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    Old factory in Sweden (Near Umeå)

    thoughts - lotta nice lines, almost maze-like. must of been a pretty old factory to have wooden beams and multiple wooden floors.
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    Advice needed for a newbie!

    actually my eyes feel pretty decent after checking those out. most of those are interesting pics. the only thing that bothers me is on the night scenes it looks at first like you have stars in the shot but when I look closer some are strangely shaped which leads me to believe it's lint on your...
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    Whispering Brook

    man that water looks so soft I wanna just lay down in it and take a nap.
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    Hong Kong - A Pearl at Night [Panorama]

    thanks Terence, now I want to go to Hong Kong.
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    Thanks for posting those up Geronimo, and again nice pics. :thumbsup:
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    that's cool lighting. it almost looks like the leaf is a neon light itself, the way the veins in it glow.
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    :lol: :shock: :lol:
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    new prints

    if you plan on sticking with it all that technical stuff will come with time. what's good is that it looks like you're actually thinking about things while you're taking the picture, trying to take interesting pics, and that's a lot more than I can say for some students I used to see in their...
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    Please comment...

    I like the perspective in the 3rd from the bottom pic, although there needs to be more light on the front of the fish. they're still blurry, you should add more light which will allow your camera to use faster shutter speeds.
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    new prints

    I like some of the angles you're working from, particularly the pic with the roots/tree looking up towards your friend walking by. and its nice that you're working on framing the pics. besides that I would try and get a little more contrast in your prints (red filter on the lens, or push the...
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    those are some beautiful pics. I've never had much luck taking scenery pics at night (and haven't seen a lot of other people take them either). what are the details of some of those shots (like film/camera used, exposure times, etc), if you don't mind me asking?
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    nature photos

    I like the 2nd tranquility-creek, I think the grass kind of frames things nicely. I would have yanked the twigs and piece of grass that were disecting the frame though, they're just distracting.
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    a bit of this a bit of that

    number 1 has that nice warm lighting to it. number 2 would be my favorite, I think its a great contrast between what it is, old decaying rusty metal machinery, and the soft almost pastel-like colors all that decay is creating. its a nicely composed, pretty picture of rusty machinery.
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    latest photo

    I was going to say the same thing. everything looks so perfectly arranged you'd think it was a photoshop job. regardless its a beautiful pic.
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    Danish Apartments by Night

    maybe I'm seeing things, but what I think is interesting is the line of clouds just above the buildings that look like they're framing the buildings.
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    calming creek............

    I like these moving water pics a lot, very calming :goodvibe: , and I could spend all kinds of time looking at them. I might have tried to crop out the grass at the top, but other than that I like it.
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    Need For Speed!!

    yeah, number one - :shock: , that's incredibly crisp. nice stuff, looks like it was a nice day too.
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    Some nature pics...comments if you will...

    the first 2 are almost surreal to me because they seem super saturated with color. I like the last one, makes me feel comfortable.