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  1. denada

    help me diagnose weird looking roll

    yo look at this ... this is cinestill 800t out of a mjuii without light leaks. machine developed. scanned on a fuji frontier sp. why does it look like garbage? in the bottom left corner you can see the biggest problem. i don't know how to describe that effect, but it's present in almost...
  2. denada

    G W 2019 sticker meaning

    hi, i have seen this sticker on a few cameras, including a gopro i just purchased used. does anyone know what it means? google nor the seller were any help. thanks!
  3. denada

    does espon v700 document mat perfectly fit?

    i just got a replacement document mat for the epson v700 off ebay (bought the scanner for dirt cheap with no accessories/box). listing said the mat was epson brand, not aftermarket. the mat slightly hangs over the edges of the scanning surface. i know epson, like all publicly traded companies...
  4. denada

    Prime Film XEs super edition vs XAs super edition

    i went with the XAs due to better dmax. but it doesn't have film holders. has anyone who has used both know which creates less of a problem with film curl? are the both good in that area? or do they both have problematic film curl. i can still cancel my order if the XEs is better or if they...
  5. denada

    film shooter wants to try digital, again. gr ii, iii, or x100?

    hi. i have moved cities and in result lost free access to a fuji frontier scanner. i can no longer afford scans that i am happy with, financially but more to do with time. i can rent drum scanner time, but it takes for f***ing ever to scan a roll and i don't even have one keeper per roll. way...
  6. denada

    storing photo chemicals

    can i use these to store diluted developing chemicals? what size do i need to for a 4 x 5 jobo tank? do you fill the tank or pour a little in and splash it around? they seal with a rubber ring that gets pushed down by the stopper. i heard ball jars are no good cause the metal lid. thanks...
  7. denada

    i can zoom in and out with large format?

    i'm a snapshot photographer and know just enough to know i don't know. i know that when you switch film size, all your dof instincts are out the window. i'm using 4x5. i wanna mimic sally mann's bathroom mirror self portrait and don't have a loop (today; i live in the city without a car and i...
  8. denada

    advance print menu gone in ps

    hi. it used to be that if i clicked printer settings i would get more options. now it looks like this ... anyone know what happened to all the options like color mode and output resolution? thanks!
  9. denada

    leaving B&W film as color in photoshop

    i think i like adjusting it with the rgb "levels" sliders (under "adjustments") until i get the black and white i want. it's not like converting through image adjustments creates a true b&w file, correct? why do i have to do that step? is my printer gonna freak out if i don't? and because...
  10. denada

    two "should i push?" developing questions

    1. i modified the dx code on a role of velvia 100 to shoot at 200. then my intended use for the role did not happen and it's almost all flash photography out of an af600, much of it up close. should i actually have the lab push +1. if so, do i need to tell them that or does the dx code tell the...
  11. denada

    is 500px done with web hosting? what wp plugins fill the gap?

    there used to be a level called pro+ that provided web hosting and super easy to use backend (you just needed the domain name). is that gone? there's of course no one to call at 500px to ask and email support is doing who knows what. if that is gone, wordpress is obviously the answer. i'm...
  12. denada

    laptop for photo editing

    hi all. my 2011 macbook air no longer cuts it. what should i get instead? i'm not tied to mac and am not interested in their newer pros that do not include relevant ports. though i'd buy an older version if it was priced appropriately and not refurbished. i would like ssd, preferably 1tb but...
  13. denada

    polaroid 600 problem

    hi. so i’ve been making a surprising amount of money selling polaroid cameras on ebay. i just came across the pink and grey cool cam, and anything pink sells for 5x more than its black counterpart. i mention this to avoid the otherwise logical “buy another” response. now the problem. when i put...
  14. denada

    building a desktop viewer for prints

    hi. anyone know of online plans for one of these or have a few general pointers? i'd buy the one below but the price tag seems a little stupid. GTI Desktop Print Viewer, PDV-1E - 11.7 x 16.3" PDV-1E B&H i can find a d50 bulb in t8 size for $40. can i buy a t8 light fixture from a hardware...
  15. denada

    nikon fa meter is one stop different

    hi. my nikon fa meter thinks i should overexpose shots by one stop compared to a handheld meter and my canon rc 35. what’s up with that? is the meter broken? is there anything i can do about that? google says you shouldn’t set exposure compensation when using the matrix metering. thanks
  16. denada

    impossible project now polaroid originals

    largest share holder of impossible bought polaroid back in may. in addition to the new packaging ... their color film now develops in 10 -15 minutes (i think this was previously out as a beta test in 600). they have a new iteration of the i-1 that is cheaper ($100) and without phone...
  17. denada

    flash for holga digital

    hi all. someone recently purchased a holga digital. i like to encourage this person's interest in photography, and she needs a flash. it needs to be tiny because the camera is small and cute, and accessories need to be in theme. so i was thinking one of the tiny vivtars because they cost...
  18. denada

    shutter stuck open

    hi. i have a nikon af600. a p&s 35mm. the shutter just randomly became stuck open on my last shot. now nothing on the camera works. any idea on how to unstick the shutter? thanks!
  19. denada


    pulled a roll of cinestill 800t out of my nikon fa and loaded into olympus xa a few shots in. resulting in a serendipitous double exposure ...
  20. denada

    sb-15 always with ttl always blinks improper exposure

    hi, i have a sb-15 i'm using with a nikon fa in tll mode. the manual says the red dot in the view finder and on the flash will blink immediately after the shot if there was not enough light for proper exposure. that light ALWAYS blinks after the photo. what's wrong? i can shoot something 3ft...