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  1. JenR

    So... How To Handle This

    There are a number of options out there for hosting galleries with direct purchase options. Zenfolio and Shootproof spring to mind first. Shootproof is free for up to 100 or so photos and very nominal fees for larger storage. Clients can buy photos directly through the gallery. You have the...
  2. JenR

    Yellow 2

  3. JenR

    new parents

    In addition to the above comments about composition and posing, these are all underexposed.
  4. JenR

    Business domain name decision

    I would buy all 3 and have two of them redirect to whichever one you decide is your main domain name. You want to make it as easy as possible for someone to find you.
  5. JenR

    Just one for now, CC very much appreicated

    Thanks for the input. Somehow I missed that white spot. Now that you've mentioned it, I can't look away. :)
  6. JenR

    Is this a good portrait?

    How was this lit? Was it outdoors on an overcast day? In general, you want to get light into someone's eyes in a portrait. Here they are completely in shadow and look a bit like black holes. If this was outdoors, having your subject face open sky or using a reflector can really help.
  7. JenR

    What are the parameters that change the quality of a camera?

    IF you are looking at Nikon DSLRs, they are all "good" cameras. The right one for you is completely dependent on your budget and where you are on your photographic journey. How will you be using your camera? What will you be shooting? Under what conditions? What would be completely fine for...
  8. JenR

    Just one for now, CC very much appreicated

    I am supposed to be organizing and tagging photo files. Instead, I find myself stopping to reminisce and edit shots that got missed originally. Why yes, I am the queen of procrastination. :wink: CC is always welcome and very much appreciated!
  9. JenR

    Rose Red

    Very intriguingphoto!
  10. JenR

    Which paper to make cards

    Are you talking about taking a photo and having it printed on a card stock-like paper to make note cards or printing photos on photo paper (like a lot of chains do for holiday cards)?
  11. JenR

    How did you name your business????

    Have you identified your target market? Do you know what resonates and appeals to them? Do NOT pick a cutesy name. It is the quickest way to end up with a tired, dated name that you detest in a year or two or three.
  12. JenR

    Soft cover photo book?

    I have heard people rave about Blurb. I have not personally tried them and I have no idea how the prices line up. I do know that they will remove their branding from your book for a slight fee.
  13. JenR

    How did you name your business????

    To me "Swaddled Memories" is strictly a newborn photographer-- you don't swaddle maternity, older kids, or families, right? I struggled with a name for a long time and in the end chose my own name. My clients hire me for MY eye, MY vision, and MY customer service. In the end, I am selling ME.
  14. JenR

    Model in Low Key Light C&C?

    She is lovely and the lighting on her face looks nice. However, she is looking a bit like a head with no body here. Low key has lots of dark tones, not big areas of no detail at all.
  15. JenR

    I am officially outsourcing!!!

    Good for you for taking charge of your business and your sanity.
  16. JenR

    Majority of Dad's clients will not respond after their photos are delivered

    Why does your dad expect a response or feedback? It is a business transaction and it is finished. Do you email Amazon customer service to say 'thanks' after you get a delivery? It is nice when a client says 'thanks', but honestly I don't expect it in the slightest.
  17. JenR

    When in doubt - broad or short?

    When in doubt, I would go for thinner. Especially when shooting women.
  18. JenR

    Adobe Photoshop - best version for relative beginner?

    I have no idea what you consider "cool stuff". What have you been using before? How are you limited by your current program? I would probably start with Photoshop Elements, unless there is a specific feature that you are looking for that is only found in full blown PS. Elements is a pretty...
  19. JenR

    I'm looking for a mentor in Western Washington

    Big dittos to the advice already given: * Check out the mentoring offered here. You can learn A LOT from working online with someone. * Post images for feedback. You will get an amazing amount of advice for free if you are polite, respectful of people's time, and put in the effort * Respond...